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  1. Fayetteville, Arkansas

    Dillard’s would never allow that
  2. Fayetteville, Arkansas

    They lease it
  3. Rogers, Arkansas

    Hillbilly Truck Stop similar to large Valero in ozark on I-40
  4. Rogers, Arkansas

    You are correct
  5. NWA Family Friendly

    Haven't heard anything new
  6. Restaurant Development in NW Arkansas

    On hwy 102 and intersection with main st in Main Street crossings new development
  7. Restaurant Development in NW Arkansas

    They are relocating and adding a drive thru I understand someone bought the hotel
  8. Springdale, Arkansas

    Agreed. Nightmare
  9. Restaurant Development in NW Arkansas

    Taking former ghengis grill
  10. Springdale, Arkansas

    Yes, tearing it down and building new structure. Seems like traffic in and out will be tough...
  11. Uptown Fayetteville Development Area

    Trampoline park
  12. Sixth Street/MLK - Farmington Area

    Big news for Farmington. With WM and Taco Bell, wonder what comes next? Busy market
  13. Uptown Fayetteville Development Area

    That's a solid start
  14. Your NWA Wishlist

    Plan has not been abandoned