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  1. Office and flex space for landscaping company, Rodden Landscaping. Info in NWA Business Journal
  2. KFSM incorrect. They actually have closer to I think 45-50,000 sf from when they bought gym next door and combined spaces and remodeled. Also has basement. Didn’t they do the indoor farmers market there too?
  3. It is actually less space than what they currently have. They own their current building, supposedly have no debt, wonder why they are selling? Also wonder who they are selling to. Seems like a lateral move at best to me. Especially with soon to be done upgrades to College Ave in that area.
  4. Start up restaurant concept called Sharkys is the buzz, but not certain
  5. Puritan at Uptown is a solid alternative
  6. Dillard’s would never allow that
  7. Hillbilly Truck Stop similar to large Valero in ozark on I-40
  8. On hwy 102 and intersection with main st in Main Street crossings new development
  9. They are relocating and adding a drive thru I understand someone bought the hotel
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