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  1. It is the food court building at the promenade. Repurposing it as D and B
  2. Next to the center with Pinnacle bar and grill on Pinnacle Hills pkwy. Lots of Mexican with chuys and fuzzys and rumor of local lime looking at promenade mall.
  3. Freddy's is going where the motel currently sits.
  4. Walmart layoffs happen. We've been told for the last few years by the current regime that they want to get rid of redundancies and cut several jobs. Banks and developers have been aware of this. That being said, even with those jobs eliminated we don't have the bloated market and glut of residential lots and unnecessary and out of place speculative developments of the mid 2000s. There will not be a bloodletting like we saw in 2008. A correction certainly but not an all out disaster.
  5. Big Orange Burgers of Little Rock opening this fall in Pinnacle Promenade per a recent press release
  6. Would hope for Top Golf and retail/restaurants around it. Also Whole Foods or Sprouts.
  7. Probably this: http://www.fayetteville-ar.gov/DocumentCenter/View/11790
  8. Hearing now that a site for dave and busters has been located and they are moving forward. So, there is a reason the law is being edited
  9. So Benton county it is I guess. My understanding is that they've looked here but aren't ready to pull the trigger on a site.
  10. Long article, basically will be privately developed but not until 2022 and will be single family and cluster homes with a mix of income levels
  11. I agree completely that the mall lacks the character and amenities that would draw shoppers. The developers downsized the product significantly in 2006 and delivered a watered down version. There is no compelling reason to go there. Further, with JC Penney's impending closure and Gordman's bankruptcy, they'll potentially be losing two more big tenants. So, I can't see CF looking in this area anytime soon.
  12. I don't know why y'all keep doing this to yourselves. Our big format restaurants here currently don't do a big volume, our malls are below average on sales per square ft. Yes, the market is growing and is getting on the radar of some good cool stuff, but there isn't anywhere close to the demos, income and retail sales to draw Cheesecake.
  13. School district has owned this property for a while and plans two schools. First will be elementary scheduled for 2018 school year I'm told. City said rezoning
  14. No it means they have received a permit and should start construction soon
  15. Big Orange Burgers of Little Rock has pulled their plumbing permit for the Pinnacle Hills Promenade, presumably the Fish City Grill space.
  16. Rumor has it that Starbucks will have a new Dickson Street location soon, taking the building that currently houses Dead Swanky on the corner of N College.
  17. I hope you prove me wrong, would be great for the northwest Arkansas market.
  18. I talk directly to their real estate office often. But if a waiter in Dallas said they are coming...
  19. Cheesecake Factory is not coming to either market.
  20. I hear you, but they aren't going to spec build the tower on a few smaller leases
  21. Tenants seem to prefer the 20-25k sf floor plates these days so they can get everything on one floor and work the Open Office concepts. 15k sf floor plates are obsolete
  22. It is, they also bought property in tontitown. They have Dairy Queen and a coffee franchise
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