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  1. You have 2 more years of pain before help will be realized at the I-49 and Fulbright interchange
  2. Water park was planned 1 exit south in Lowell
  3. They own the building, have spent considerable money on full drawings from Marlon Blackwell. Though that doesn't mean it is 100% done, knowing the developers and use, I'd say it is a sure bet.
  4. Our fine federal government at work. All over about 100 blind fish.
  5. They are water quality ponds to protect the cave fish. Required due to the widening of the interstate
  6. On promenade, mercy is building medical offices, the Dirt work on new hope is preparation for the new 7 story tower, added parking
  7. In the Texas land and cattle building Sorely needed, that category has only been filled by village inn. Glad more breakfast options coming
  8. They are going to Rogers first, in the shopping strip just east of the Walmart nm at pinnacle hills
  9. I haven't heard anything to indicate they are coming here, but don't see any reason why we wouldn't be on the radar given their proximity. If I hear anything, I'll post here
  10. In fairness to the amp, they delayed the start time of the headline acts to allow the crowd to enter.
  11. More rentals, just higher density and better product.
  12. Garland and Gregg both connect to Van Asche. Can't see any other connection
  13. Liability, for marketing, city asked them to, who knows?
  14. Nothing on MLK purchased by a developer. Metro Builders Supply in Lowell
  15. It's actually quite a bit further south off of 28th street, behind the old Chrysler dealership
  16. Sales per sf are higher in fayetteville.
  17. Look for Fitness One to be the gym. They just bought world gym in ROGERS and are trying to buy several I-49 frontage tracts to expand. Hotel is another by Krushiker, not sure flag but likely similar to the other hotels in the area. Not an aLoft Not sure on restaurant
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