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  1. Can't answer that, but note my previous post, first sentence
  2. Who says they aren't looking there? It's all about available space and a willing landlord. An H&M deal isn't easy. My understanding is that talks were underway at the mall in Fayetteville with the previous management prior to it selling.
  3. have heard it is in fact a 2nd store
  4. Arkansas Business reporting Newks has signed a lease in Pinnacle area on the roundabout next to the Neighborhood Market
  5. its being torn down and will have two qsr users built there
  6. I don't doubt it, just that there were 2 competing mall sites in play in Benton County and the NWA Mall in Fayetteville was just coming off of a remodel and Dillard's addition. No way Bill Dillard would have done anything else in Fayetteville and therefore it would have never gotten off the ground. Plus, no interstate access to boot. It's amazing what they've accomplished in Rogers and more to come. Southeast Fayetteville is primed for retail growth, grocery and shops.
  7. ERC is building a small office building for themselves and will have a office park with lease space. But all single and maybe 2 story structures. I don't think there are any tower type buildings on the horizon and there is quite a bit of space coming online that needs to be absorbed.
  8. agreed. It sounds like the town homes
  9. there are two developments in the area, 80 tow homes and a new phase of single family lots for Tuscany.
  10. hearing same. A lot of property in play at 264 and 49
  11. chain is struggling. Expect a fast food user to take their building in Rogers.
  12. It is still in receivership, so not likely until someone buys it. It is still operating at a decent occupancy.
  13. that is where it is rumored to be.
  14. nothing more than what the article states, but if you look at the major supporters of the upcoming ACH charity event note the major donors. Springdale's chamber of commerce is one. No other cities on the list.
  15. Not quite, they are backing an existing private school that is expanding in several areas of NWA.
  16. Looks like a school building to me...
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