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  1. Just a couple billion dollars and it could happen.
  2. Hopefully the same will be true of little rock legislators when the bill is up for revision when D and B wants to open in NWA. It is only a matter of time.
  3. Note that the law passed to allow D and B to operate doesn't allow them to open a store in northwest Arkansas
  4. The prelim ideas were more in the 4-5 story size, though I've seen and heard nothing in quite some time.
  5. They intentionally opened slow to allow staff and kitchen time to get settled instead of getting overrun. I like that strategy
  6. The utility work and preliminary construction has begun on the extension of Pinnacle Hills Pkwy and connection to Pleasant Grove.
  7. Aspen Dental is taking Hooters. They'll tear the building down. The density isn't on the east side of town, no daytime pop to support a full service chain restaurant.
  8. My understanding is that he's renovating the building for his office.
  9. Sounds like it will be the same as the raised crossing at North Street.
  10. That's throwing good money after bad...
  11. Planet Fitness, crossfit and other discount gyms have taken a huge chunk out of the monster gyms. Operating a pool, multi sport courts, etc is so costly. Lifetime has kicked around the idea on NWA.
  12. I was told they were debating between Conway and Little Rock, not planning for two. That may change over time, but my understanding is the current strategy is for one store to serve the entire MSA.
  13. There are few if any vacant big box spaces across the region. They are on several plans for new construction and are one of the most active tenants expanding now. I think you will see most retailers get back to new construction for the foreseeable future if they need to grow.
  14. I'll confirm it, if not. Next to the walmart fuel facing I-49
  15. They came up in a conversation last week. Have heard they'd look at Arkansas but might be 2-3 years before they are ready to seriously consider sites.
  16. I've not heard of them looking in this area. They did announce recently that they were opening new restaurants again after a 7 year hold from their bankruptcy. I just wouldn't anticipate it will happen here soon.
  17. Hope this leads to a full store.
  18. Gusano's is opening a restaurant in Tuscany Square on Pleasant Grove Road.
  19. There are two entrances and exits. One at a stop light and one right in/right out. Parking is tight, but from other Whole Foods developments that i've seen, that is a theme. The carwash is going to be... A carwash. Sorry man.
  20. They have a few outlots, but will have 40+ ac to sell off.
  21. Not every new building is going to have a great sexy deal, but every new deal adds jobs, tax roll, and more opportunities. Activity will breed activity.
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