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  1. The costs to retrofit EJ Ball into residential are insane. Plus, no functioning windows, so no fresh air. To get windows that open, you have to tear out the exterior bricks. It has been considered, but it is over the top costly. Plus, zero parking.
  2. Burlington Coat is the main anchor for Phase Could we see a Dicks too? Not sure with its proximity to Academy...stay tuned
  3. Have heard they are looking on Dickson, though Whole Foods makes much more sense...
  4. It is the new 100,000 sf Women's Clinic addition. I believe it has been brought up in discussions here.
  5. Part of the inflation comes from your own comps! Tough to continually redevelop an area in which you've been so successful. Keep fighting the good fight as you are certainly delivering a top notch product.
  6. The undeveloped areas are due to sever factors, price, topography, north fayetteville 's draw and remaining land. As for Wedington, I think development is occurring not just because the church will go, but also because of timing and s rising market. If it wasn't cross church, it might have been someone else. Regardless, churches still bring crowds that other business can feed from. Movie theaters are only really busy at night and on weekends. Not dissimilar.
  7. I would expect to see some additional food options in west Fayetteville over the next 18 months
  8. Current land prices, only be 4 miles from N Fayetteville/Joyce area will be hurdles for that type of development.
  9. There are no major retailers looking at that interchange currently...
  10. Expect to see a lot of activity in this area over the next 6-12 months...
  11. It will very likely be for sale as profit to the Razorback Foundation. The U of A has the rights to all campus buildings and the Foundation is a separate fund raising entity.
  12. There is a large write up both in the NWABJ and NWAOnline papers regarding the purchase. Remember that the land was owned by Chambers Bank, which is owned by members of Jerry's family. It was an inside deal.
  13. Correct. Simmons has sold several of the excess branches to other banks entering the market. A few remain unsold.
  14. BOZ owned that property for the last 5-6 years and is just now planning to build their branch. They pulled back when the economy busted. Correct, Simmons bought Metropolitan Bank.
  15. The rezoning for the WMNM on MLK was approved last night, so appears that there will soon be a better grocery option in that part of town.
  16. Haverty's pulled a plumbing permit at 2203 Promenade which is the address to the mall. Hancock is in the Promenade power center.
  17. I believe Haverty Furniture but not certain.
  18. Possibly, though the entity owner also owns other product and could just simply be investing in the property.
  19. The corner of Bellview down the hill to the west.
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