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  1. Walmart Neighborhood Market, shops, parking garage and office space
  2. No demand for vertical development in this area.
  3. Will be highest volume restaurant in NW Arkansas after this year. I'd say Fayetteville would have been lucky to get those tax dollars for our A&P. But whatev...
  4. Stand alone at the hard corner stoplight west of Chuy's. Will have large patio
  5. Liquor is retail and if done right can be really nice. If done wrong, can be really bad. Based on plans I've seen, this will be done right. A very expensive attractive building. Plus, they appear to be developing a shopping center, not just a stand alone store. Further, Tontitown is a tiny town with limited budget for a big planning staff. Unless someone wanted to pro bono a bunch of planning work, it will likely develop as is for the foreseeable future.
  6. There will be some bleed from Fayetteville, no doubt. Don't see too much pull from Rogers. Survival of the fittest...
  7. It will be a liquor store. Not the Phillips family
  8. Appears to be the same group that has a restaurant in Hot Springs. As you said, this is very similar to Grubs. Good luck to them...
  9. Still think it goes on the fairgrounds...
  10. Assuming you are talking about 56th street, and it is going to be improved at Don Tyson to include a roundabout, hence the stop sign currently.
  11. Too many factors to list in the forum and each property has things that will attribute to the value. Best bet is to call a professional focusing on retail commercial real estate.
  12. There has been rumblings or a liquor store in the area, but not sure if this is the site.
  13. NWA Business Journal just posted via twitter that a Walmart Neighborhood Market was announced at Don Tyson Interchange with I-49, to open fall of 2015
  14. My understanding of the developer is that he has a SIGNIFICANT net worth and experience developing very successful multiuse properties. This has a real chance.
  15. Deluxe Burger and another Bowman concept "Roma" is the rumor
  16. the land adjacent to the Pilot was purchased by the franchisee for Popeye's Chicken. Assume that is what is under construction. The Valero was purchased by an investor group. Appears they are trying to sell or develop for profit.
  17. Planet Fitness next to Rubbermaid...
  18. The site that Collier purchased isn't large enough to do anything box wise and still get parking he wants. Expect ground floor restaurants and boutiques, if he does anything. Paying nearly $50 per sf for dirt is going to make it very difficult to do anything that isn't 5-6 stories tall and with the step backs we now have, the developer is really squeezed on the site. You need mass on the ground floor to compensate for the loss of square footage going vertical. If he wants self contained parking, it further diminishes the rentable area. This one is going to take some creativity, flexibility from city and Sharkey, some time, and some serious $$$ Of course, all this is assuming that he cares about a return on investment and not just in adding parking to the area to support the drug store. Seems like a huge price to pay for that though.
  19. The land in question does not abut the interstate and is the easternmost portion of the Marinoni farm. A separate property owner owns the frontage. I think the cottage development is about the only thing that can pay the price wanted for the property and add the density that will bring the commercial uses to the area. There isn't enough big box/theater/shops/restaurants to fill a development covering the entire site so there will have to be some RMF component for the property to be appropriately developed.
  20. So they get a nice $2,000,000 gravel parking lot next to their house. Good for them.
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