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  1. You definitely just did.
  2. There are verrrrry few of us that don't dislike Stix to the point to not mention dislike of the installation every time it's mentioned.
  3. I hope "Prime" isn't the final name of this building. I understand they want to market it to Amazon employees, but... come on, dude.
  4. That's a lovely, yet intimidating, halfpipe.
  5. I drove by this project with friends the other day. Their jaws hit the floor when I told them it's going to be an Embassy Suites, lol.
  6. Crema celebrated thirteen years this weekend - Nashville was a completely different city back then. I stopped by this morning and Rachel herself was running coffee out to the parking lot. She rules, and so does her cafe. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKuMTK9hctg/
  7. That's an awfully specific number, he-who-knows-something-we-don't-know.
  8. Yeah, this kind of height this far south is hilarious to me, lol. Looking forward to more info and some cranes on this one!
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