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  1. Perhaps some of you knew, but Marathon Village was used a rave venue back in the day. A friend of mine stitched together this video from a tape of a party back in the halcyon days of 1997. Man, do I ever miss these days... https://www.facebook.com/carson.carr/videos/10152339971002831/
  2. It is what it is. That Hampton was a big gamble when it went up, I remember thinking the people behind it were BRAVE. Also, and I know it's been mentioned about other projects (and probably even in this thread), but it's wild that we look at a 21 story building as "good infill", when just a few short years ago it would have been a damn big deal. Crazy!
  3. e-dub

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    I can't believe the 18 doesn't have more riders that what it looks like in that map!
  4. e-dub

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    That's the one! One Nashville Place.
  5. I almost wouldn't be surprised to see some of those apartment buildings sell for a lot less than what the original developer wanted them to go for, too.
  6. They're going to have to adjust rents accordingly, I'd say. And sale prices for the condos.
  7. e-dub

    The Gulch Projects

    In Puerto Rico, we call that "flancocho". Flan is... well, flan. Cocho comes from bizcocho, which is the word we use for cake. Mexicans use it differently than we do, lol.
  8. There's a parking garage on the right. The sign in the photo says "Cain Sloan Parking", whereas now it says "McKendree Parking".
  9. Looking north on 6th ave from 6th x Broadway at some time in the 60s. Great photo.