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  1. Yeah, man! We used to get down in the restaurant close to it, too, Kazu. Clear out the seating, set up some turntables and HOUSE MUSIC ALL NIGHT LONG.
  2. There used to be a club in Cummins Station called Bar Car, lots of good memories there
  3. I'm deep in the streets of Atlanta, I'll be good
  4. If I could take a train for 6.5 hours to get to Atlanta and not have to drive, I'd never drive to Atlanta again.
  5. Yeah dude. Have a listen:



    1. e-dub


      Man, I'm absolutely fudgeing with this. THANK YOU!

    2. e-dub


      Do you like Mux Mool?

    3. dmillsphoto


      haha, I figured it would vibe with you. I haven't heard of Mux Mool, but I'll check it out now!

  6. Been meaning to reply, but got this got away from me. Kiefer?
  7. That seems a lot of parking, sounds like this one may have a higher percentage of 2 bedroom units than most?
  8. Funny you mention that. I saw the mayor at Proper Bagel one Saturday morning and not a single person knew who he was, that made me think to myself that's likely one of the biggest reasons why there's a Mayor Cooper to begin with.
  9. Hmm. I was having a look at the Ritz Carlton site to see if there were any glamor shorts of their new properties and made it to the bottom of the page where I saw this image. If the Ritz Carlton ends up happening, we'll have one of each of the top Marriott properties except a St Regis. And all in close proximity to each other, too.
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