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  1. This one came up in my Facebook memories. As seen ten years ago today at the "golden hour".
  2. You definitely just did.
  3. There are verrrrry few of us that don't dislike Stix to the point to not mention dislike of the installation every time it's mentioned.
  4. I hope "Prime" isn't the final name of this building. I understand they want to market it to Amazon employees, but... come on, dude.
  5. That's a lovely, yet intimidating, halfpipe.
  6. I drove by this project with friends the other day. Their jaws hit the floor when I told them it's going to be an Embassy Suites, lol.
  7. Crema celebrated thirteen years this weekend - Nashville was a completely different city back then. I stopped by this morning and Rachel herself was running coffee out to the parking lot. She rules, and so does her cafe. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKuMTK9hctg/
  8. Yeah, this kind of height this far south is hilarious to me, lol. Looking forward to more info and some cranes on this one!
  9. I don't mind it. It's not tall, but it still has a presence when viewed from the street.
  10. e-dub


    That derecho was WILD.
  11. Meant to post this earlier, from when I went to get the best cappuccino in our fair city.
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