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  1. If they're anything like the Kroger branded ones, don't get your hopes up.
  2. Should have shut it down before Trapt played, imo.
  3. I MUCH prefer Keeda Haynes to Cooper and she has my vote. I've actually never voted for Cooper and don't plan on ever voting for him.
  4. There's a cafe pretty much across from the train station I go to every time I go back to Detroit (it's called Astro Coffee) so I soak in the station every visit. I'm looking forward to having a look at it again this summer
  5. Pretty sure I'm alone on this one, but the Radio Shack franchise that used to be there was the absolute best. They had a fantastic stock of vintage turntable cartridges and they were an honest repair shop that I trusted with the gear I treasure. Does anyone know if those dudes went on to open another shop somewhere else?
  6. If that alley is the area behind what used to be Excess and Orbit, I'd love to see what they unearth if that ever happens...
  7. I don't want either party convening here.
  8. I love baseball but don't get to watch it. That said, I muuuuch prefer watching baseball on television. I'm a fan of pitching, so having the camera really let me see what the ball does on its way to the plate and all the slick stuff the catchers do to coax strike calls from the umpire is my jam.
  9. Going to the 505 to deejay with a friend. We'll be on at 8.30 Nashville Daylight Time. Here's the Facebook link, but Zucc will likely take down the stream, so I'll post a Twitch link, too. Only posting because 505, by the way LOL. https://www.facebook.com/nashvilleresistance/videos/272124353918176/UzpfSTc4NTUwNTU2MzoxMDE2MzQ5MDk0NTUzNTU2NA/ https://www.twitch.tv/nashvilleresistance
  10. I did a short drive around the city Saturday morning - first one of those in a WHILE. I turned right onto 12th from Demonbreun and noticed this one has a big presence when entering the neighborhood.
  11. Definitely was coming by to post the core driller, lol.
  12. I can see that, but I prefer what I know of the Viridian. It has some little low-key Art Deco nods in the design that I think are ever so nice. Here's to hoping this one comes out well!
  13. https://www.instagram.com/abandonednashville/
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