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  1. DB78

    Raleigh Union Station

    Thanks for clarifying orulz. That description has the plan make good sense. I've thought this so many times before so I'll just say it here: I'm glad the lines will go ahead and skip some of the rinky dink towns. Having to go through them is a waste of time and a nuisance for travel to DC and all points North. A 4 hr train ride to DC would be wonderful. I wonder how much faster the trip will be than that once the Richmond to DC lines are brought up to high speed tracks. Another 30 minutes shaved off perhaps? Raleigh to DC in 3.5 hours and not having to worry about parking. I'm giddy about the prospect.
  2. DB78

    2035 Triangle Regional Transit Vision Plan

    JoJo: I don't understand the whole idea of following what was has been the status quo pro-sprawl stance for a long time here in North Carolina. The half cent sales tax increase seems like a great idea to me. If I'm not mistaken, don't we have the 2nd most state owned roads in the USA? That's insane. The arguments against rail usually only give part of the story. They talk of the unfortunate subsidies that are needed but nearly 100% of the time neglect to also admit that their anti-rail stance encourages sprawled communities that cost a lot in tax money for city services, amongst other expenses. Since you brought up the subject, I'm a big time libertarian, but I also support mass transit. I wish it could get here sooner. There certainly are areas that we could trim the fat from in the budgets to get rail here sooner, but that's likely to get this discussion way off track. Let's save the automatic assumptions about political leanings, as it is not really worth while discussing here. Plus, when you sit down and talk to people rationally, assumptions are often proved wrong. My 2 cents.
  3. DB78

    Soleil Center I & II at Crabtree

    Great post Vita. It will be interesting to see what the final project does transform into if it doesn't go defunct. I haven't heard or seen anywhere updated news about the 2 projects that are supposed to go up behind Crabtree. Financial equity crisis aside, those and Soleil would have a synergistic effect for the Crabtree area. Soleil by itself is quite awkward, but with the addition of those 2 developments, the area gels better visually at least. Clearly I ticked off some folks here with my previous commentary. I noticed angry reactions towards things I never even said. I'd say that's seeing more than what was actually there. With over 1000 posts, this project has been overanalyzed, with frequent redundant commentary. That's the point I was trying to make before. I look forward to hearing what finally does come of this project.
  4. DB78

    Soleil Center I & II at Crabtree

    I agree Serapis. Everyone here complains about the location, but that is an issue which was decided long ago by the developers. Everyone needs to get over it and realize those complaints are worthless to whether this project goes forward or not. I don't see why so many people here are such vocal complainers when it will have zero effect on them. The developers aren't going to suddenly switch the plan over to downtown, so everyone with their panties in a bunch needs to get over the location. It will be a much bigger shame if Soleil doesn't get built at all than if it does in a place where some UP people object to. I would hope there is no one who would rather have nothing get built at all.
  5. DB78

    2035 Triangle Regional Transit Vision Plan

    Actually, the Cato Institute is awesome. It's a gold mine of great information. From being pro school choice to anti-war. However, Randal O'Toole is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I don't think he would be able to find snow in Alaska or water in the ocean. I've heard him speak on transit before and couldn't believe they let him in the front door of the Cato Institute, much less is allowed to speak publicly about it.
  6. DB78

    The Edison

    The news media, whether local or national, loves trying to scare the crap out of us. Pumping fear into us keeps us watching. This quick pace sounds good. Seems like they are in a hurry for a reason, which speaks good things about the building that is to follow.
  7. DB78

    Capital Area Transit (CAT) Bus System

    I hate to be the jerk of the moment by giving a dose of reality, but this post above is absolutely true. Only upon much more population density with lots more mixed use properties AND once gasoline is much more expensive will many more people ride the bus in Raleigh. The city is so fragmented, has a good amount of sprawl (which I'm happy to see changing) and getting from place to place is still very convenient in a car, without much hassle. ONLY upon gridlock or sky high gas prices are buses going to be looked at as a viable alternative for most people. Personally, I like transit options but I also can't advocate trying to coerce people onto buses.
  8. DB78

    Triangle road & traffic thread

    Not to be a party pooper, but that map doesn't exactly give a lot of hope. 2010 before another lane is started on the westbound 540 to 40 ramp?? I think we are all wishing it would have started yesterday. 7 years to have a small connector between 70 and 147? Just wow. Hopefully by the time they start 6 lanes on 40 in Cary, they'll have enough funding to go to 8 lanes. Otherwise, it will not be any improvement from today.
  9. DB78

    Soleil Center I & II at Crabtree

    I realize that. That CC still gets a decent amount of business. I was just saying if their financials start too look a little rough, it probably wouldn't take a huge push for them to close the store and sell to a developer looking to get in on the boom that will be going on in Crabtree over the next few years. A developer looking for land there would likely be willing to put up some big bucks, particularly once the 2 projects behind the Mall get going, so if that particular CC goes into the red financially, it would likely be a big profit for CC to sell.
  10. DB78

    Kidd's Hill/Crabtree area development

    There hasn't been any word on these for some time now??? Anyone have some new info???
  11. DB78

    Soleil Center I & II at Crabtree

    Great point there that probably everyone overlooked (no pun). People have been hating on this project for quite some time now, mostly because it isn't downtown. Considering how much the Crabtree area will be changing in the next few years with other projects, I think Soleil will be welcomed soon after it is finally built. At the very least, people will be happy to see it a decade from, once Crabtree is more dense. I do wonder- with Best Buy now at the mall, with HHGreg now here, will the Circuit City (with its enormous parking lot) across the street close down in the next few years, only to be bought for a big scale project?? Just a thought.
  12. DB78

    North Carolina Intercity Rail Transit

    Chief: Oil closed at $89.47 today. Niiiice. The writing is on the wall. We have to change our way of thinking with transportation. The price for oil may go back down to say $65-70 in the near future for oil, but that will be a temporary reprieve. It's bound to keep steadily going up. Hybrids and diesel cars will only forestall an inevitability with transportation. Therefore, high speed rail has to be taken seriously. How many more highways can we create here in NC?? Don't we have the 2nd most state roads, behind Texas?? The unfortunate part is that even with the track improvements planned so far between Charlotte and Raleigh, the top speed will only be up to 90mph and from Raleigh to Richmond up to 110 mph, then 90mph again from Richmond to DC. Not exactly huge improvements. Not exactly high speed either. Hopefully this conference on Monday in Raleigh will eventually lead to something more substantial than the plans so far that I just described. I think long term Amtrak can even be profitable. That would be nice to see. There were a lot of people on the train a few weeks ago. Higher speeds would be a force multiplier, leading many more to take the train for drives under 500 miles.
  13. DB78

    North Carolina Intercity Rail Transit

    Not sure if this necessarily belongs here, but next month there is to be a summit with leaders from across the country, on high speed rail for the East Coast held in downtown Raleigh. October 22nd. http://www.pr.com/press-release/52784
  14. DB78

    Blount Street Commons

    Thanks JoJo for the repost. I've mostly skimmed past this project, but the picture has gotten me intrigued.
  15. DB78

    Soleil Center I & II at Crabtree

    I find it amusing to see the anger that the location of Soleil creates for some on this forum. I wonder how much of it is solely the location instead of the location factored in with the high-roller tenants that will be living there. If the continued anger is simply location and not brought out at all by some sort of jealousy of wealth, why the persistent anger that spills through the computer screen??? I also suspect that even if this were being built downtown, some people would scoff at it and criticize to no end simply because of the prices of the condos. I don't think this project should be viewed so negatively. With the oncoming Crabtree Village and other project (forgot name) going up behind the mall, this is a beginning. I'm pretty sure we'll see some similar projects within 1-2 miles of these, Soleil just being the tallest. Soleil itself will do little to detract from downtown. Soleil I will be mostly hotel and perhaps 100 residents. Only a handful of those would have ended up in any of the current towers downtown anyway. Soleil II will be office space. Soleil II is more of a detractor from downtown than the larger Soleil I. Anyhow. Just wanted to share some observations. I've been reading here a lot longer than I've been posting.