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  1. The design for a new performing arts center in Las Vegas was just released. This design would work very well downtown (with a new color scheme).... http://www.lvpacfoundation.org/design.php
  2. A few new renderings of the International Terminal for OIA.
  3. Dcfilmknight

    55 West

    Are their any renderings of 55 West that show the Pine Street side of the building or how the building would appear from Citrus Bowl?
  4. I would hate to see Orlando loose the Walt Disney World Classic if the Citrus Bowl isn't renovated. It pumps millions of dollars into the local economy each year and has broken numerous attendance records since it moved here from Tampa in 1997. More than 600,000 fans have come to Central Florida for the game between the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) schools, making it the largest Historically Black College & University (HBCU) football game in the nation. The fans also come for much more than football as each year features a halftime showdown between two world-famous bands - Bethune-Cookman's Marching Wildcats and the Marching 100 of Florida A&M. Orlando would really lose out.
  5. The Contemporary is adding a 15 or 16 story tower to its complex. It is rumored that the project will be announced and break ground in October.
  6. Anyone know if the decorative bridge over Lk.Underhill got cut or scale backed in the recent budget cuts? Photo courtesy of Orlando Sentinel
  7. Now if someone could convince the I-Drive attractions to get on board (possibly offer a train service to I-drive from OIA that is the same idea as Disney's Magic service, but on a cool train as opposed to a bus) then I see this spur happening a lot sooner. European tourists would eat this up! BTW, not to go off topic, but is that the actual placement for the southern terminal? I was wondering how they were going to expand.
  8. I wonder if GE/NBC will ever build out the Universal property similar to the master plan that was put into place years ago?
  9. Thanks for this article. Although the deal is pretty solid, it sounds like there are still a few loose ends that need to be wrapped up. I also live in LA, and I just learned of a rail proposal for Wilshire Blvd that just "makes sense". For those of you who aren't familiar with Wilshire blvd, i'll just describe it as I-4 if it was a 4-6 lane roadway. The proposal calls for wide body monorail trains that carry passengers AND CARS! I'm not sure how solid this proposal is, but if the right money and politicians were behind it, this could truly be the missing link between public and private transportation that works. An excerpt from their website: PARK and RIDE The ultimate in public transportation is being able to take your car along on your monorail ride so that you can drive to other appointments once the monorail's reached its destination. Saves on time, gasoline and pollution. Check out more info here! http://www.wilshiremonorail.com/Park%20and%20Ride.html
  10. Well, maybe there is hope that the areas around the stations will become urban destinations. Check at the pics from the California (Frisco area) forum http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=27796 In and around San Francisco developers have created retail and residential "villages" around BART stations that have become destinations in their own right. If Orlando emulates or adopts similar ideas, this could radically alter urban sprawl and growth in and around Orlando!
  11. This is great that Orlando is getting this system. However, I have a few questions? Does the proposed route really serve the actual needs of the people who would use this train? Would the route and trains be attractive enough to make people ditch their cars for public transportation? Does the proposed train go where people really need to go? The train could be a overwhelming success if it served the major employers, and/or employment centers, in the area. Stops at Millenia, I-Drive, Universal, Sea World, and possibly Disney (doubt they would allow it on property, but I'll add them for the sake of argument) would guarantee a solid base of regular riders. System planners also shouldn't forget the tourist market. A line from the airport to an I-drive "transportation center" could generate dollars to expand the line even further. Or, do we continue to push for a seperate light rail or monorail to serve this sector? It would be great if someday we could board a train at Champion Maingate, Reunion, or Celebration and ride to our office in downtown Orlando--hop back on for a lunch meeting in Uptowne Altamonte, and then finally back home again in the evening.
  12. Does anyone know if the recent cutbacks that the Expressway Authority is making will affect the new "eastern gateway" upgrades that they were making to the Lk. Underhill bride? It would be a shame to see that go...
  13. You're absolutely right. Here are the details.... A light rail or monorail system does seem a lot sexier though....
  14. Looks like the deal for commuter rail in central florida was just made official! Gov. Jeb Bush announced a nearly $491 million deal today that will bring commuter rail to Central Florida, capping a 20-year dream to relieve gridlock in one of the nation's most congested regions. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/...-home-headlines
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