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  1. No kidding! If they really want a long, overly complicated name, why not call it the Learning and Information Building? (I don't get the "commons" thing being so common on that campus anyway...) That way they can shorten it to the L.I.B.rary. I heard it'll be renovated and used for additional classrooms.
  2. Yep -- Walk right on up to the 4th floor of the GR public library downtown, to the local history department. The librarians who work there are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful (I've done research on my home up there; it's amazing what they have!).
  3. Why? They target different students. Besides, competition is healthy...including, and perhaps especially, in the education arena. It's our culture's acceptance of educational monopolies that is contributing to the delinquency of our entire educational system, IMHO. But I digress...
  4. I dunno...I think there are pockets of GR that are doing fine; it seems to be hit-or-miss, yet those "hits" are pulling GR ahead of a lot of other markets. We refinanced last month and were appraised 2.6% higher than what we paid for the house a year ago. Regardless, it sure is nice to see Grand Rapids popping up on more positive lists like this!
  5. Excellent point. Look where the commuting difficulties are and use rail as a way to alleviate those difficulties.
  6. I noticed that on their web site back in March and e-mailed to ask about it, with no reply. Hmm.
  7. I actually like the section of darker colored glass. I like the unexpected contrast.
  8. I think it'll be beneficial, too. My first thought was how it'll benefit shoppers. I've seen this happen (and I've done it myself, I admit)...people will decide not to buy something if they have to lug it too far back to the car, especially if it's heavy or fragile. I also think it'll help with bars and evening entertainment venues. Park in one place, grab dinner, and hop in a cab to the arena. Or, as in my case, one can live close to downtown and decide to have an evening out that involves adult beverages, and be able to hail a cab back home.
  9. There haven't been many because cabs were not allowed to pick up unscheduled fares. In cities like Chicago, one can walk down the sidewalk, stick up an arm, and hail a cab. That has been, for the most part, illegal in Grand Rapids. Riders instead had to call ahead and schedule a pick-up. I think we'll be seeing a lot more taxi activity as soon as this goes into effect. I am 100% in favor of this move by the Commission, and I will take advantage of it at the first opportunity.
  10. Just read this... The ordinance prohibiting hailing a cab has been repealed! We will now be able to hail a cab on the streets of downtown Grand Rapids. Not sure I understand Mr. Jendrasiak's claim that it will increase fuel consumption... Link: http://blog.mlive.com/grpress/2008/04/soon...al_to_hail.html
  11. Isn't as bright? They must've repainted in very dark colors! I always thought it was dark in there when it was Urban Mill, and the walls of the new Urban Mill on Michigan are painted black.
  12. I've driven in LA, too, and it gets hairy! Those narrow lanes are wicked. Interesting to see the Chicago numbers. Not as much of a transit town as some would expect. That said, to make Grand Rapids public transportation reliable enough, affordable enough, and convenient enough to get 25% of commuters would be a tremendous accomplishment.
  13. Just read this: According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the percentage of commuters who use public transportation in Los Angeles County is 7% (10% within the borders of the city of Los Angeles), far lower than in other major American cities: 30% of San Franciscan workers use transit, 25% within Chicago, and 54% in New York City. Source: http://blog.wired.com/cars/2008/04/los-angeles-fut.html BTW...Love the info center idea! Thanks! I don't post often (even though I read every thread via RSS feed), but I want to learn about all of it, and having a single source for hot info will be very useful for me.
  14. Check out this report from 2006 and this packet from the 2/19/2008 City Commission meeting. Edited to correct URL.
  15. Great site recommendation. Hmm...I just might have to have a preemptive chat with the owner...
  16. Thanks, Rhino. I'm asking because the house behind ours is tax delinquent and "in forfeiture;" it's being serviced by a property management company that specializes in vacant foreclosed properties. I know several people interested in our neighborhood, but, other than calling a Realtor, I'm not sure how to get specific info. There's no listing on GRAR yet, and I've got all the tax and title info I can find on AccessKent. But I will now check out the sites and sources you mentioned.
  17. I'm hoping one of you real estate gurus can help... How can I find info on foreclosed property? Specifically, if I know the address of a home in foreclosure, how do I find (and perhaps act on) those details? Thanks!
  18. I've got Safari and, yep, those links are useless in Safari. Regarding those surface parking lots.... I know that lots of people who work in the Huntington Bank building have employer-provided parking spots in that lot, and, in some cases, those spots are written into employment contracts. How does that work then? Will those parking spots be shifted elsewhere?
  19. I've stayed at a couple Hotel Indigos. Quite nice. Lots of blues and greens and whites, with wood-laminate (Pergo?) floors in the rooms. Very "modern summer beach." I liked it.
  20. "A bigger B.O.B.? Greg Gilmore plans tower with condos, hotel, theater" http://blog.mlive.com/grpress/2008/03/a_bi...e_planning.html
  21. I've got to agree. I live very close to this area, and while activity on that parcel is a good thing, I do hope they have plans for greenscape or some sort of attractive visual barrier.
  22. $995,000 Edited to add: MLS: 374462 http://www.carwm.com/pubs/propertySearch.php
  23. Re: Parking debate... Me neither. It's an efficiency and cost ($$$ and time) issue. I like AlexPKeaton's phrase about reaching a "critical mass of retailers." Theoretically speaking, what would that be? It feels as if we're inching up to that line, especially with Schuler Books moving in, but I can't see the line. I know what that critical mass would be for me, and, on paper, I'm a retail marketer's dream (educated 30-something female in a DINK household), but I also know that what I would like is not necessarily what everyone else would like.
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