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  1. This link you posted doesn't work. I went to the ch. 8 site and found the story. It doesn't really add anything new. Its just a recap of the projects history and the fact that it has had troubles thus far.

    sorry for the bad link. I would say it add something in that 1) people are still talking about it (other than us) and 2) that the project is still going nowhere


  2. I'll believe it when I see it.... For now I remain skeptical.

    Great News:

    Hartford's Front Street project stalled / Ch. 8 - It is supposed to be the cornerstone of the Capitol City's mega re-development project, but since reaching a deal on Front Street nearly a year ago, the site remains untouched. http://www.wtnh.com/global/story.asp?s=693...tType=Printable

    Why is this so hard to get done? It's almost all free.

  3. I was downtown today at a meeting and I had a good view of the Front Street area. Here is my concern. The area, as we know, is not very big. I think with the ESPN thing, some quality residential and retail and good planning, it will be a nice little district. But, it really needs to be connected to the current business district (Main Street) somehow. I can't see how that's possible with the Library/City Hall/Courthouse in the way. We want people to make the connection between the Front Street/Convention Center District and the rest of Downtown. On the other side, the Phoenix and Travelers cut Front Street off from the business district. Any ideas on if and how this can be done? Just seeing the actual physical setup of the area today made me skeptical...

    Outline of the project as of July 1. I think its the same info that has been going around, but at least its from a current article.


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