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  1. I'll take any Lymmo expansion we can get But I'd also love to see a commitment on the city's (and affected counties') part to add a more extensive network of bike lanes. Not a few, like we have now, but a grid of lanes connecting our many neighborhoods. Eventually linking College Park, Winter Park, the Downtown core, maybe even Maitland and Altamonte. Yes, our weather is hot and rainy. In spite of that, we have (and have had for a long time) a very large cycling community in Central Florida. And many say that we'd ride to work in a heartbeat, if it weren't for lack of bike lane
  2. fenderbender

    The Plaza

    I'm curious, for those of you who purchased or rent in Solaire: Are you pleased with the decision? Are you happy with the building, the management and most of all, the unit you chose? I'd really love to hear some opinions of the residents there. I walk by the property often, and this project seems to have really taken off. Even without the movie theater. The level of activity seems to be nearing that of TPC. Thanks It's always interesting to hear the insider perspective.
  3. fenderbender

    The Plaza

    Indeed. The Enzian reference is in jest. It may take a few years, but a theater will move in there once the condo occupancy rates increase.
  4. fenderbender

    The Plaza

    A pipe dream on my part, but it'd be fantastic to see the Enzian work their way in. I doubt this is anywhere near economically feasible, but I can dream
  5. fenderbender

    The Plaza

    I still think it is highly unlikely for Publix to opt out, but that's just an opinion. Even with low occupancy rates in the condos, the Publix can still draw a lot of local shopping. As long as parking isn't a nightmare, they should be able to attract customers from a decent radius. But yep, overall this isn't shaping up to be the greatest week for Orlando. Let's hope there's a breakthrough on the commuter rail front.
  6. From Sentinel Posted just a little while ago
  7. Replay here, for those interested: http://www.local6.com/news/15326546/detail.html
  8. Sentinel (again) on Downtown Development: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/community/n...0,7614060.story
  9. fenderbender

    The VUE

    I'm not an owner, though was considering it as a possible investment at some point in future, hence the original question.
  10. fenderbender

    The VUE

    Thanks! That's the project/builder I was after
  11. fenderbender

    The VUE

    I didn't appreciate this building until I stepped inside. The amenities and units are top-notch; glad to see this in Orlando. Quick question: Is there still planned construction between this unit and the lake? (i.e. blocking the lake view) I seem to recall seeing it somewhere here on UP, but haven't been able to find the thread or the status of that project.
  12. fenderbender

    The Plaza

    You can search any MLS gateway by address. Their address is 155 S. Court ave. I'm showing 37 properties. There are still some publicly accessible MLS gateways out there if you search. I'm not in real-estate, I haven't any clue if there are additional properties outside of the MLS. 'hope it helps
  13. The decline of the Dollar against the solid British Pound is contributing to this as well.
  14. In general, a lot better than it did a few years ago. The U.S. dollar has declined significantly since 2006. Exchange rates are more favorable to foreign investment than they have been in quite some time. It's a fair bet that we'll see a continued increase in foreign investment under a declining U.S. dollar.
  15. fenderbender

    The Plaza

    Glad to see this settle finally. One more "essential" covered for the downtown core. Next step.. Publix...
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