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  1. Philadelphia is a depeaked hub already. USAirways is not the only carrier to to use the international gates: Southwest, Delta, ETC. So yes, Philadelphia is pretty much maxed out, and Kirby has stated {forgot where I read this} that USAirways might have to reduce frequencies or cities {to Europe} if they can not get a hold of enough gates. There is a gate dispute between Southwest, and USAirways for international gates. Also, USAirways plans to add at least three new international destinations per year. Vienna/Paris/Rome/Dublin-Charlotte would be good routes. especially Dublin-Char
  2. I wonder how many flights Charlotte can pick up from Pittsburgh? 12 more gates on concourse E just opened up. 12 gates is about 40 additional flights, if utilized properly. Maybe USAirways can now start expanding Charlotte, now that we have the aircraft {unfortunatly for Pittsburgh}. USAirways future longhaul fleet {Transatlantic/pacific} 2: A-340 {2009} 19: A-330 {2009} 22: A-350 {2014} 10: 767 10+: 757 {2009} Right now, I believe USAirways longhaul fleet consist of: 9: A-330 10: 767 3+: 757 Philadelphia is pretty much maxed out of international gates for USAirways. N
  3. Bank of America is going to disappear Whether Trump builds or not: 210 Trade, Wachovia, Vue, and Hearst are right up there challenging Bank of America's height. I, personally, can not stand skylines with no dominant tower.
  4. Wow, I hope if Trump builds in Charlotte, It's as awesome as the Chicago project!
  5. I think we are 96% likely to have a Paris flight by 2010. Usairways plans to add at least 3 new European routes a year: Phili is currently maxed out... Unless Philadelphia sorts out the gate dispute between Southwest, and Delta gates in the international terminal.... which is keeping USAirways from adding more European frequencies... If USAirways does plan to internationally expand Charlotte, the routes would probably be: Paris Dublin Rome Vienna These routes would not surprise me at all. Especially Paris, and Dublin.
  6. USAir did have a CLT-Paris flight; USAirways is low on longhaul aircraft.
  7. Looks like USAirways could be getting a few more Asian, or European slots. United Airlines is "spinning off several kew assets." United officials want to "Convert the assests into cash." This would mean selling 66 acres of it's headquarters, selling it's international routes, possible selling of the Frequent flier awards program they have. This {United milage plus} brought in 600 Million for the company in '06... Also, the selling, or joint venture, of it's base in San Fran. United is a star member... USAirways is a star member.... United wants to shrink, USAirway
  8. Why would USAirways get that over additional E-Jets?
  9. Wheres all the TRump rah-rah cheerleaders now.... Wasn't it speculated a company would move alot of jobs here in Trumps tower? So much for that...
  10. I think Trump will make a awesome building in uptown ifit compliments One Charlotte, and WB...
  11. I think Charlotte by 2010 will be in the league of Philadelphia, Dallas, and Pheonix... unless we are talking about population...
  12. It said they won't build a tower that rivals Wachovia, and Bank of America
  13. Jetblue starts seasonal service CLT-FLL starting 01/10/08.
  14. Good ole Fox They reported; Speaking of uptown, Trump and his little family of billionaires have pulled out of a deal that would give him additional land for his project in uptown. The project will still go on and could possibly include a Trump hotel, a office tower..... ETC.
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