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  1. Can Orlando really hold up with seven flights a week!?! I know Orlando has had an explosion of the latino population in the last couple of years, but I really see this not lasting too long. Maybe two or possibly three and thats a stretch. And JRS1 you cant possibly be serious about the gateway comment And gibby I agree about customs, get er done.
  2. Julez

    The VUE

    I just dont like the building what so ever, I like the hole it filled in the skyline and street, but thats exactly the reason I dont like it, its like the rendering I had better hopes for it and would look better when built. Even from street I dont like it, but hey thats what I think, Im surprised you guys like it everyone Ive talked to in person agree and think its a disapointment for Orlando.
  3. Julez

    55 West

    Wow that sure is a massive building. How much more till it tops off?
  4. Julez

    The VUE

    The VUE really is a disapointment. But besides that everything is looking great. That first pic is amazing and Dyntech is also turning out really nice.
  5. Again Orlando already passed Miami traffic wise, and with suburbia it doesnt get any worse than Orlando, Miami si more confirmed, more dense making it slightly more urban and I dont believe you've been to Downtown in the last year or so if you think the condos are all car centric!?!? And I thought Miamis perception of being notorious for crime was back in the 80's with Miami Vice and the Cocaine Cowboys and being the countries murder capital, now and days crime is generally down and has more of the touristy, latin, glamour perception. Dont know what you mean Warm and fuzzy but theres plenty o
  6. Would that have anything to do with the conventions?
  7. I kind of agree with that list I just personally think Boston, LA , Chicago and Miami are too low and Orlando is kind of a sore thumb in that list, I wouldve put it slightly lower but over all the list seems ok. But again some of the things that might have put these cities so low on that list is affordability and traffic and all the city things, but then you look at the facts and Orlando is more dangerous and Orlando has worse traffic. Both Miami and orlando have a strong job market and good economies, but it must all come down too for alot of people affordability.
  8. ^^^ Orlando Chamber of Commerce
  9. Julez

    The Plaza

    I consider Downtown south of 395 and north the river. The Pac I guess you can say is not IN Downtown but a 60 second walk from it. I also dont consider Brickell Downtown. About Sarasota, I got a diffrent feel from it, I was there three months ago and was pleasently surprised but it was a drive pass, so I guess its not the best comparison on my part. But about the optimism, I think it great and we all that love Orlando should have it but sometimes the wrong picture is made on this board of what downtown is and in what state it is in and the statements sometimes made are ridiculous, thats all
  10. Julez

    The Plaza

    Ok, Downtown Miami in no way lacks Nightlife, after South Beach Downtown has the next biggest nightlife in Miami with huge clubs like Space and Nocturnal that nothing in Olando can compare to, This part of the CBD also closes streets off for pedestrian traffic. And why would you not consider Bayside downtown!?!? Its the biggest attraction to Downtown and including the fact that IT IS IN DOWNTOWN, Aside from Bayside there is Bayfront Park which is a nice big urban park, and then theirs Bicentinial Park which right now is a blank canvas that in a couple of years is going to be a huge urban Mus
  11. What the hell is this thing going to over look!??! Residential neighborhoods and hotels?!?!? This probaly worked in cities like Berlin and Beijing not in Orlando suburbia! This seems really stupid to me.
  12. This guy is really pissing me off like I never thought someone I dont know could.
  13. Julez

    55 West

    How much more till it tops off? Love the Brick.
  14. AFL is getting a little more popular in America but its still not a major league that everybody knows, If you ask anyone if they know the Predators or even the league less than half if even that would tell you that they know them. Sharks, I dont even know what they are so yea. And what do you mean by east coast hockey team? Another minor league? And I agree with Facilities Man, Florida is already packed with teams and Orlando got in the game too late, Miami with the 4 big teams, Tampa has 3, and Jax has 1. The only thing that I can see in Orlando in the future is baseball, thats if the r
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