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  1. Owner wants to subdivide Montgomery Mall property Bryan Lee, owner of Montgomery Mall, filed an application to divide the Montgomery Mall into four separate lots. Lee's proposed changes would split a gas station near the mall's entrance into a 2.10 acre lot. He also wants to divide the mall building into three properties. He would split two of the anchor stores -- the old J.C. Penney store and the store occupied by Steve & Barry's University Sportswear -- along with some parking areas into their own properties. www.montgomeryadvertiser.com
  2. Well... it is a jail... what can we expect?
  3. Circuit City moving to EastChase Circuit City tentatively is scheduled to open a 30,000 sq ft store between December and February at EastChase Market Center in the third, and last, planned retail phase. The store is moving from its Montgomery Towne Center location on East Boulevard, where Barnes and Noble, Office Depot and Bed, Bath and Beyond are located. www.montgomeryadvertiser.com
  4. I doubt seriously that this lady will be able to turn this into a quality rental property. The best thing would be to raze all the buildings, build a wall with a moat and start fresh..
  5. And that's a shame, but even Stevie Wonder can see that's coming!
  6. It will unless Pike Road steps up and claims territory. This will establish an eastern border that will force businesses to stay on the blvd. Without it, Mongtomery will be in Auburn before long...
  7. City looks to upgrade Cramton Bowl By Tim Gayle Cramton Bowl will be lit up tonight, filled with Jefferson Davis High School fans rooting on their beloved Volunteers in their season opener against Dothan High School. But the noise, and the lights won't be able to hide the stadium's shortcomings: no luxury boxes, no posh press box, no artichoke-and-goat-cheese pizza, and certainly no club-level entertainment. No, not much structurally has been done to Cramton Bowl since it was built in 1922, other than grandstands added to the east side 45 years ago. In 2004, the city did drop
  8. Coliseum Renovation Meeting Big plans are in the works to put Montgomery's Garrett Coliseum on the map. City leaders from the tri-county area, along with Legislators and artists, joined together to discuss renovation Wednesday. Organizers hope to make Garrett Coliseum a place to attract acts and events from across the South. This project would increase the economy across Alabama and hopefully bring in new industry to Montgomery that wouldn't be possible now.
  9. Montgomery Loft Living: Developments Nearing Completion Byron Berry Harvi Sahota & Anna Lowder Loft living is one of the newest trend in real estate. It consists of retail space on the first floor with residential space above. For Montgomery, it's a relatively new concept. But already, two loft developments are nearing completion. "I've always loved construction and old property," says Byron Berry, who's in the process of converting two downtown buildings into loft apartments. The buildings are located across from the old federal courthouse on Court
  10. Eatery serves smoothies, deli items Darian Clark and his wife, Dr. Kimberly Williams, developed a smoothie love affair while Williams attended medical school at Louisiana State University-New Orleans. But faced with few frozen fruit drink options upon arriving in the Capital City last year, the young couple decided to open their own new business, Smoothies-N-Things, 109 S. Court St., on July 19. "It's like a Smoothie King mixed with a Starbucks and an upscale deli," Clark said. www.montgomeryadvertiser.com
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