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  1. After reading the posts regarding the "improvements" made on Elizabeth Avenue between Charlottetowne and Hawthorne, I took a trip down said boulevard last evening. It appears to me that this stretch of road will be proven to be unsafe to adults, children, cars, trolleys, cats, dogs, bicycles, birds, aliens, insects and eventually, the politicians and developers who approved it.
  2. With regard to your question about the greenway, I would recommend that you park at Freedom Park off of East Boulevard. You can access the greenway at several points within the park. You might want to ride your bikes in towards town until the greenway ends at Carolinas Medical Center. Then, you can turn around and ride back the way you came to the end of Freedom Park at Princeton. This adventure will be approximately the two mile ride that you desire. Along the way, enjoy the mallard ducks, various harmless snakes, turtles, herons, cardinals, robins, blue birds, Canadian geese, human animals
  3. UNCC has just announced a building to be built downtown at Brevard and Ninth, per the CBJ. The renderings are pretty amazing, IMHO. A so called "stack of books" design.
  4. I'm a "the glass is 75% full" type of person. It might be argued that someone flipping through the city pages would see several photos of big cities---big deal. However, subliminally, only one photo has "Charlotte" that may be written into the back of the mind. Some big decisions are made in our sleep; perhaps this photo enhances Charlotte's chance of being selected?
  5. There is an interview with the president of the DCDA in the 12/26/08 CBJ regarding the ongoing battle between Dilworth and CHS. The following quote is rather interesting: "Dilworth is in high need of a municipal (parking) garage to keep those restaurants full five or six days a week. If you could have a dual-use garage (with the hospital), I think people would really welcome that."
  6. N.C. budget woes delay the plans to establish a medical school at Carolinas Medical Center, per the CBJ.
  7. I ate at the Wendy's across from the Metropolitan yesterday with my daughter. We went inside rather than navigate the "Matrix" like drive through at the Wendy's. We sat and watched the nightmarish traffic at around 4:30 PM. This area is perhaps not intended to support carbon based life forms. A fellow in an electric wheelchair made it halfway across Charlottetown Plaza before he was stranded by the "Good Samaritans" of Charlotte who would not stop or even slow down to let him complete his journey. Come Christmas shopping time, this road will bring even more excitement and high drama.
  8. No, the Romans turned over the exclusive control to dictators known as emperors. Respectfully yours, Vespasian Titus Domitian
  9. You had me right up to before that bit about "it's my duty as a resident of a diverse city." Ayn Rand
  10. WSOC-TV just did a televised news report on what they called the hospital's "land grab" in Dilworth. The report was done by Susan Tran and is on their website for viewing at wsoctv.com. An interesting twist to the story has developed as it has come out that the hospital stands to acquire the streets/sidewalks/planting strips basically for free from the taxpayers once they own all of the properties on a street (such as Fountain View, Garden Terrace and Lombardy Circle).
  11. "Today's O says East Blvd Bar and Grill is moving to Latta Pavillion in January. Which spot do you think?" Perhaps, the old Super Suppers spot might suffice, after renovations.
  12. The Charlotte Observer has finally dropped the news blackout on the story of the acquisition of Dilworth by Carolinas Healthcare System. The front page article on today's print edition spells out in detail the legitimate concerns of the residents of The Four Blocks. However, in my opinion, the hospital continues its trifling "no answer" answer to simple questions. The plot thickens.
  13. I love the black and white picture of the "General Parking." Very film noir like. I have always thought that there are more colors to be seen in a black and white photo, if you know what I mean. It is a very powerful photo.
  14. It is truly a sad day in Dilworth. The Charlotte Business Journal is reporting in their 08/22/08 print version that "Carolinas HealthCare System (CHS) is to tear down homes in Dilworth." The announcement of the death sentence came quickly. At the same time, CHS inexplicably announced in a letter that "A project to utilize these properties does not exist, nor has a specific plan or project to utilize them ever existed." To further add to the bizarre nature of what is going on, Mayor Pat took time off of the campaign trail to reassure affected homeowners and families with an e-mail that the plan
  15. The houses on Kenilworth that were destroyed to create a cavern of parking decks were beautiful and magnificent in character. It has somehow been lost to the sands of time that in 2002, it was reported in print that the hospital committed to wrap the new parking deck with a combination of retail and residential space. When is this obligation going to be met by the hospital? It certainly isn't like they can't afford it. It is the same old tired story: Promises are made, but not kept.
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