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  1. ^True, George W did lead to a relatively more progressive President, and many were unhappy he didn't challenge Wall Street.
  2. The dotard is a gift to anyone seeking to slow, stop, or reverse the rightward drift of American politics. If a reflexive regurgitation by the fickle electorate can swing back the pendulum by the 2020 Census and resulting reapportionment, then the diverse, more metropolitan America can be more permanently resurgent for majority control.
  3. Amazon HQ2

    Charlotte's greatest built-in advantage is FinTech. The e-commerce giant needs more than Whole Foods to keep growing. And if the retail-killer is also becoming a bank-killer, then Bank Town may as well sleep with the enemy to keep jobs.
  4. But where will the geese sh!t?
  5. NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

  6. Charlotte Gateway Station and Railroad Improvements

    ^No, Gold Line has center-running, embedded-track, mixed-travel lanes here on W Trade St. And per the usual CATS segregation of customers, the bus connections are a full block away from Gold Line on the "South Block," as in south of 4th, or a block off of Trade.
  7. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    ^36th Street won't reopen by March. That's fairly certain. But hopefully, 36th Station and the BLE can still meet the March deadline, ahead of freight rail work and the new underpass.
  8. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    ^The developer could install some landscaping buffer to help protect the canines' sensitive noses.
  9. A second commercial airport for Charlotte?

    ^For the most part, a 50/50 cost-sharing agreement is required to extend CATS service outside Mecklenburg, which has a half-cent sales tax dedicated to transit. Exceptions include destinations just outside Mecklenburg, namely Carowinds, and soon with BLE opening, the Concord Mills area. The latter is not far from Concord Airport to later extend bus service just a bit farther, especially if scheduled around limited flight times.
  10. Charlotte Gateway Station and Railroad Improvements

    ^No, designing stairs as primary access points is so 1990, or pre-ADA. The ADA is a civil rights law against such discrimination. Those unable to climb stairs shall not have a significantly longer route in a public space, especially in new construction. And bus connections should be a key feature worth calling out on the main site plan, especially for a project claiming to be a transportation hub.
  11. Charlotte Gateway Station and Railroad Improvements

    The newer site plan calls out access to Greenway but little to nothing about buses for a project supposedly led by CATS. How classicly Charlotte for priorities. And way too many stairs. But if excluding those stinky bus people, why not also people in wheelchairs.
  12. Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    ^Sharon Forest will be new light before Harris.
  13. The biggest lie perpetuated by politics is division. It's a manipulative distraction from the more dire struggles shared by the human condition.