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  1. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    It's more of a loud knock. "Pounding" a human palm or fist does no damage to a two-ton cage. But it is intended to be attention-getting. Most of the time staring down the driver works. But if they're ignoring their surroundings, they need to be knocked back into reality. Truly reserved for those not paying attention and risking the safety of others. Lives matter more than personal property.
  2. Lynx Silver Line

    Sorry, I just noticed I did type Wilkinson. I meant parallel to Brookshire. Guess with Airport on the brain, I typed Wilkinson. But back to the question-- How much of the CSX would be for sale?
  3. Lynx Silver Line

    The repeal vote went so well in 2007. Good luck!
  4. Lynx Silver Line

    I know. I was thinking of following CSX to 85 to Little Rock Rd. Wishful thinking. Unless after BRT "Red Line" on 77.
  5. Lynx Silver Line

    Does the sale also include the line parallel to Wilkinson? Or just Uptown Charlottes to Monroe Junction? That would really sweeten the deal for Airport to Matthews. If needing to maintain freight, interlining Silver with Blue in Uptown, would avoid the ADM junction with NCRR by Brookshire and Music Factory. Freight could also spur up until McAlpine from Monroe, if Silver still used the side of Independence, instead of CSX between Pecan and Village Lake (also avoiding double-tracking in tight Chantilly/Elizabeth). There appears to be enough City property along Ott Street to parallel (2 LRTtracks and 1 Freight) between Seigle and Hawthorne, then go aerial with LRT from Hawthorne to Pecan/Independence, thereby also going over Central. You'd also spur LRT off the CSX R/W over the XCLT Greenway from Seigle to 12th to connect to Blue Line, leaving the CSX as-is between Seigle and Graham.
  6. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    ^Maybe even until 25th Street opens, and that hasn't even started construction. McCreesh Place is a transitional housing site for individuals living in poverty. It is located on Davidson at 25th. If Charlotteans can avoid driving through Trade and Tryon, they best learn to not drive through NoDa.
  7. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    8 buses an hour in the heart of NoDa, as well 8 buses an hour on Tryon at Tom Hunter. Yet it's not the frequency, but the dwell time that really stops traffic. A transfer stop has much higher ridership, taking more time to load and unload large crowds going to and from each of these two sans-bay stations. But hey, guess that's punishment for drivers not taking transit.
  8. Charlotte Gateway Station and Railroad Improvements

    ^Local bus customers transfer more to and from LYNX than express bus customers. If anything, Gateway makes more sense as the express bus staging hub.
  9. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    The transfer for 36th St Station is the bus stop pair on Davidson St at the Fire Station. Not exactly the place to add more congestion, or try to replace the CTC. Tom Hunter will be a heavy transfer point from Hidden Valley, especially given no LYNX station at Walmart. The transfer point there are bus stops in the outer through lane of Tryon Street. Traffic will be stopped as long as it takes these two routes to serve the in-street stops (no pull off).
  10. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    And yet BLE will only have five stations with bus bays, basically the four with parking, plus UNCC. Unfortunately, this is fewer stations than the original Blue Line. Building fewer park-and-ride stations may have made sense, if also building more ways to transfer. And the closest bus bay to Uptown is out at Sugar Creek Station, making it rather hard to downsize the CTC. The very definition of insanity is regularly repeating the same mistakes. But the definition of amplifying their mistakes with each new project would be CATS.
  11. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    I do stop and pick these up, when walking by them. I also knock or pound on cars stopped in crosswalks, when walking by those.
  12. ^Not daily riders. And even the employees are only seasonal.
  13. Charlotte Area Transit System Long Term Transit Plan

    At least zero new local projects matches the President's plans to eliminateTIGER and New Starts. But whatever setbacks in time and money, I'm sure gutting environmental review for expedited permitting will make up the difference. Just start thinking of 2020 as when transit plans are given new life locally (full-cent), at the state level (break the super-majority), and nationally (Return of the Cities).
  14. Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    ^^Same reason there are still retail banks, tellers, and paper statements
  15. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Sad but true