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  1. The signal allows double-ended trams to enter and exit the median tail track and change direction.
  2. There won't be another phase of CityLYNX. What opens next year can at least be partially sustained by student fees from JCSU, J&WU, and CPCC.
  3. NC's rural pop is more white, while GA's suburban pop is more diverse. Cabarrus County is a diverse suburban county and shifted dramatically Dem. However, both states show the urban-rural divide is now strong even with minorities. Such realignment in the NC Black Belt and US 74 Corridor kept Biden from winning NC despite improved margins in all the large metros, OBX, and mountains.
  4. America is tired. Tired of the temper-tweeting, tax-evading, terribly tragic, tyrant-wannabe Trump. Sleepy never sounded so good.
  5. Crossing at-grade would be ironic when a key argument against just overlapping the two lines in Uptown was capacity.
  6. Luckily that strip next to the on-street parking won't last with the foot traffic.
  7. Correct, mail-in voting is allowed, and should be encouraged. I mean if it's good enough for the current occupant of the White House to use, it should be good enough for everyone. My earlier point was that in-person voting is even more archaic than waiting to pay your taxes on the final day, since at least the latter allows from any location, while the former only your polling place. A nation created to escape living under taxation without representation as former colonies should never accept voting having more difficulty or restrictions than paying taxes.
  8. He only wishes he were. He's not even a leader. Imagine you could only pay taxes on April 15th at your ZIP code's post office, that's like only voting on election day at your polling place. Now add paying taxes before April 15th, but still limited by post offices, and that's early voting. But why not just online or any mailbox?
  9. Early voting, absentee voting, the more options, the better. Only autocratic, tyrannical, totalitarian, dictatorship types discourage voting.
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