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  1. ^BLE by 2018 and GL2 by 2020, so yep, no more major transit by 2025.
  2. A good chunk of that rendering is already built, including 7th St Market, ImaginOn, UNCC, First Ward Park, and Skyhouses. The opening of 9th St Station and the sale of Hal Marshall should be the tipping point of accelerated redevelopment, just like the breakneck speed following Romare Bearden.
  3. Auto-oriented development did so well here, so let's build more!
  4. Seems a little tone deaf to hold the MLS rally in a park built in the leaner County budget years.
  5. ^To address the streetcar challenges, just branch Pink off Gold at Wesley Heights Way, plus end Brown before the CSX bridge by Lupie's or turn into Grier Heights.
  6. Somehow Dallas was able to survive all this time with all their lines converging downtown on what is the largest light rail system in the US. Granted, they continue to aspire for a second "DT2" line, but their existing spine functions, and virtually all at grade.
  7. Only about a mile segment would move, a segment way too short for commuter rail.
  8. ^The railroad would only be realigned between Matheson and Sugaw Creek in NoDa. East of there, it'd remain the same alignment across much of the region.
  9. ^Good thing there are bus stops on David Taylor with regular service to LYNX
  10. Anderson/Craighead would be cut off by the realigned AC&W RR from the Sugar Creek station, but a new trail using the former RR R/W would link the area to the 36th St station.
  11. Relocating Amtrak was never really in doubt, given the tens of millions in federal grants already secured. A larger passenger terminal depends on private development, which still may happen this cycle. The most uncertain piece remains commuter rail, due to stubborn railroad companies.
  12. 28205 is full of lumbersexuals
  13. ^Where the bypass (I-85) splits off the local (US-29)
  14. Yes, and they are shown on the private website,
  15. ^The express lanes on 77 will include direct connections to/from 85 (to/from Greensboro, not Spartanburg), as well as 277 (to/from Brookshire, not Belk or NC-16).