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  1. Based on real ICUs at real hospitals filled with real people on their real death beds.
  2. Because those weren't equally deadly, due to more successful containment and lower contagion rate.
  3. ^For perspective, $60M is about two-thirds of the annual revenue from the County sales tax for transit.
  4. 25 states now have 1,000 cases. SC just became the 25th, joining NC and 23 others. But all 50 states now have over 100 cases. Blue states may have more cases, but red states have faster growth. And so there's no point in gloating on either side. This should be a time to rediscover American exceptionalism and defeat this together.
  5. The uninsured prepare your take-out food and stock your grocery shelves.
  6. I'd still want to ride like a surfer, touching nothing while not sitting.
  7. Here's why America is #1: https://mobile.twitter.com/TectonixGEO/status/1242628347034767361?s=20 And why there's zero chance of being back to normal by Easter.
  8. About easily as you can at a grocery store.
  9. This aid will also help avoid overall budget cuts, and thereby keep Silver Line on track, that is, assuming sales taxes can recover in a year or two.
  10. If demand recovers faster in Asia than Europe and the Americas, then manufacturing is already a lot closer to its consumers, needing a lot less oil for global shipping. Slower recovery in the US also means less demand for oil domestically, keeping oil prices low. Plus, if recovered nations, like China, hold more American debt, well, the dollar could be "meh."
  11. Ideally, sure. But starting this on the evening of St Patrick's Day goes to show how necessary it is to intervene sooner than later.
  12. I don't recall H1N1 resulting in mass-scale triaging at ICUs. Our own government denied access to WHO test kits for months. Cruises were still happening less than a week ago. St Patrick's Day must now be observed at home. Or we will make Italy look mild in comparison.
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