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  1. ^All them folks strugglin to work at the Airport
  2. Any train to CLT would also be slower than driving, given infill stations.
  3. I don't think charging for parking at UCB makes sense, when this will be the newest location and the largest deck (bigger than 485) with the closest Interstate access.
  4. MoRA, huh? Oakwold, hmm
  5. The uncertainty of AC&W RR risks Sugar Creek TOD.
  6. DMU works great for commuter rail. Only problem is Norfolk Southern. Maybe Cheeto's bigly deals and yuge love for infrastructure will salvage a commuter rail project by private investors enriching NSRR.
  7. ^That many guy wires almost makes for a street sculpture.
  8. ^One car can take up as much room as an apartment by the time you add a two-way drive aisle to access a full-sized orthogonal parking space.
  9. Commuter rail would have provided much less service than LRT, but also been built for much less cost, since sharing tracks, albeit upgraded, with freight trains. Going to LRT also means looking at completely different alignments than NSRR, and not just I-77, but others, including US-21. Compact Davidson appears to be the most challenging place to thread new tracks.
  10. ^Not true HSR, but additional new tracks are funded south of Craighead. That's why the space for relocated NCRR is wider at 36th than at Eastway.
  11. ^Still in discussions with City for subsidies and right-of-way abandonment
  12. A lot of the space beside freight tracks is for future high(er)-speed rail.
  13. Here's a cool drone flyover of the entire extension:
  14. North Towns comprise a minority of all registered voters in Mecklenburg. Only a simple majority county-wide is needed to keep the tax. The repeal vote in 2007 failed by a huge margin.
  15. ^A smaller bus only saves about 10% in operating cost, but it also has about 25% less seated capacity.