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  1. Yet Hickory got $17M for bike-ped projects, including a signature trail bridge over 321, or their version of Independence Blvd: http://www.hickorync.gov/content/city-hickory-awarded-17-million-build-grant
  2. Let University City Blvd be a major thoroughfare for through traffic with separated side paths and enhanced crossings. Transform North Tryon into the slower street shared by all users.
  3. NYT article compares the share of detached single-family housing for several cities, including Charlotte: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/06/18/upshot/cities-across-america-question-single-family-zoning.html?smid=nytcore-ios-share&mtrref=t.co While the QC is heavily single-family, this shows plenty of room for population growth, or all the more reason to not be alarmed at so many new multi-family developments.
  4. Hey, if you can have faith in automated vehicles, then the much more simpler automated scheduling, navigation, and payment systems should be all that much more easily achievable.
  5. ^Someday, a smart wallet will just pick up on your mobile location and ask if you consent to debit for highway tolls, transit fares, and/or micro-mobility rates automatically, then send texts on any changes in charge rates and record of account charges, plus alerts for construction, incidents, or low fund balances. Real-time scheduling with on-demand scheduling and instantly updated turns for flex-bus will also revolutionize transit, especially outside high-density, exclusive lane/track corridors.
  6. Maybe also post on CATS Twitter account, so you can tag Mayor Lyles and CEO Lewis, for the same lack of response.
  7. ^Roughly two thirds of Charlotte lives between 85 in the University area and 77 in Westinghouse area, or just another reason why Independence is Charlotte's "missing freeway."
  8. There wouldn't be any breakdown area or shoulder, if it were two lanes in the same direction.
  9. southslider


    Since these are long-term plans, it might be nice for the ownership group to call out where future LYNX stations could go.
  10. Central Avenue sort of needs those lanes to function.
  11. Not without reducing the number of ramps on and off 277.
  12. Did they not get the memo that their football views will change?
  13. Steve Harrison used to be pretty good at knocking on government doors.
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