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  1. Davidson wants to keep rail to their Town, even if it's now light rail. Huntersville wants to go with more bus on 77, since commuter rail is dead. It will be hard for CATS to respond to North Meck, when the Towns can't even agree on exactly what they'll support for transit.
  2. When you reach bypass of bypass, you stop caring about the land use implications. It's like someone who needed a lifestyle change after having major surgery, but then actually indulged more in their unhealthy lifestyle, only to keep coming back for more operations.
  3. ^Peak service will be 7.5 minutes, improved over today's peak of every 10 minutes
  4. ^True, but North Meck should somewhat redirect their anger now.
  5. Fortunately, BLE and Gold Line 2 are already fully funded. Plus, operations are largely funded by local sales taxes, which have been growing. But as for Red Line and Silver Line, those definitely now won't break ground until after 2020, due to funding on all levels-- local, state, and federal.
  6. ^No toll booths, but the first gantry reading transponders or snapping pics of plates is before the split. But don't worry, you can exit to the new frontage roads and get back on post-split, if wanting to still go the beach for free.
  7. ^Around Hemby Bridge and Indian Trail, the new 74 is on the exact same alignment as the existing 74. And that's how you guarantee the project's revenue projections. At least 77 north commuters will retain their existing free lanes.
  8. ^It'll especially work, since everyone on US-74 must pay a toll going through Indian Trail. That is, unless they exit to the new frontage roads between 485 and where the new bypass will split off.
  9. ^Land use matters. CPCC boosts ridership. Route directness helps.
  10. And how sly of them to keep the grandfathered Todd's Flowers sign, despite that business obviously being gone.
  11. ^That last picture shows parking against traffic, plus parking outside of recessed spaces. Until the final pavement overlay is put down, it's likely to be a free-for-all.
  12. ^if only CSX owned the O-Line, but alas, they do not.
  13. ^Same as BLE, which is by March 2018
  14. I take offense to your intolerance of my joke.
  15. Of course, I appreciate straight allies. My comments were more directed at the dissenting voices oddly held by the priveleged.