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  1. And thanks to the NCGA restricting involuntary annexations, Charlotte is becoming denser as it grows.
  2. Guess no one told Iredell that CATS is soon opening a park and ride 3 miles closer to them off Exit 28.
  3. ^^^^^^Just read a whole chain of fustercluck sammich.
  4. ^Not until Cabarrus or Concord join the Mecklenburg transit tax. Pay to play.
  5. ^South Blvd and Blue Line have I-77 in the same corridor. For Silver Line, Monroe Rd can be South Blvd. Independence Blvd (74) is more like I-77.
  6. ^and some sort of auto-racing venue
  7. Wherever the clustering of new multi-family is going up in Charlotte, there's market demand for walkable living.
  8. ^CSX trains must yield to NCRR trains at the crossing, so more Amtrak trains shouldn't be a problem.
  9. Just the value of the CTC alone should be enough to buy the O-Line. Then, create TIF around stations and industrial spurs to pay off rail upgrades.
  10. South End has plenty of drivers in their cars. Sadly, NoDa likely won't see enough "switching to rail" either.
  11. Capacity is bogus when the streetcar won't run any better than 15 minutes. A smoother ride is diminished by mixed traffic. Land use gains look lost on Elizabeth still looking like a parking lot, while Veterans Park is quickly surrounded by stick-built product.
  12. Central Avenue just needs some articulated buses and Sprinter-style shelters.
  13. ^^Programmed as a ped xing
  14. The upcoming closure of the Hawthorne bridge, and along with it, the entire busway on Independence, will soon test this theory. The former will be closed for multiple months. The latter will be closed for many more months. The year-plus closure is thanks to NCDOT starting their toll lanes over a half year later than the City starting bridge work for streetcar.
  15. ^4th Ward already has too many closed streets. There are other ways to achieve traffic calming.