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  1. Don't forget Charlotte couldn't have wires crossing their parade / festival street for Gold Line. Any vertical elements to truly protect bike lanes along Tryon, so as not be a delivery truck lane, would face the same challenge.
  2. Call it Atherton Station but build it closer to Publix.
  3. The Silver Line will be able to travel much higher speeds than BLE just by not being in the middle of a road, but rather running along the side of expressways and on new alignments completely removed from slower speed roadways.
  4. ^3 free lanes works as an urban-minded maximum inside Mecklenburg, or at least inside of 485. I'd even support reconfiguring existing expressway segments of 4 or more free lanes to instead be reconfigured to 3 general purpose lanes ("free") and 2 express lanes ("toll").
  5. What if NCRR replaced Silver Line to Airport on new tracks for commuter rail separate from Norfolk Southern? If Silver Line no longer runs through Uptown east-west, maybe the western half should be split up between commuter rail to Airport (and Gaston), plus Gold Line spur to West Charlotte. NCRR could follow the LPA from Gateway Station to Belmont, while Gold Line could return to Wesley Heights, as well as other west corridors with stronger TOD potential.
  6. ^I agree express lanes are here to stay but don't think they work for larger freight trucks. As a regular 77 Express Lanes user, I have encountered trucks improperly using the lanes multiple times, and each of those times, it felt very unsafe. The merging distances and sight lines for the access points and bollard posts aren't designed for trucks. The higher speed limits and operating speeds of the Express Lanes also don't work well to mix slower vehicles. It's already a bit awkward to encounter slower moving buses, but of course, buses have important public benefit. Ideally, through freight should use a bypass, and localized freight should use smaller vehicles, like Amazon Prime vans. Many smaller commercial fleets from repair services to deliveries regularly use the lanes.
  7. Notice all but 2 of 100 NC counties grew in housing, despite only 49 of 100 growing in population. With most household sizes becoming smaller, any population growth requires significantly more housing.
  8. Thankfully, Charlotte is becoming a large city when development more naturally happens around transit. In this way, Charlotte is blessed with timing, or to have not built out too much until development trends also shifted to be more urban. Still, Charlotte is also coming of age, when highways are not expanding as quickly and funding harder to come by. I think this policy context means that transit should be designed around ridership first and minimize cost, while still incorporating good station area planning second.
  9. Overlapping with Blue Line in Uptown both lowers cost and boosts ridership.
  10. Part of the hesitancy in buying an EV isn't just vehicle range, but also the inconvenience in figuring out which charging station works for which EVs. Americans want the convenience of charging stations to match the versatility and abundance of gas stations.
  11. For teardowns of a single-family home to build a mini-mansion, I couldn't agree more with preserving even smaller trees. But for true urban infill that helps build the ten-minute neighborhood, just add some street trees.
  12. Given higher housing costs and a volatile job market, my guess would be travel time to work has been increasing almost everywhere. Telecommuting may have spread out peak travel and even reduced the number of commuter trips (certainly not freight), but the distance and duration of home-based work trips seem to be still likely going up.
  13. ^Mooresville to Charlotte trail looks a lot like a rail trail.
  14. Even if roads are added, I question the NC Legislature allowing Mecklenburg to go higher in taxes.
  15. Upgrading the S-Line between Raleigh and Richmond is the single most important investment to growing rail ridership in NC. Charlotte would have the advantage of being the southern most major city with frequent trains from the Northeast.
  16. NCDOT keeps delaying the project (U-5769), the latest official programmed year for construction being 2027, though possibly delayed another year to 2028.
  17. As much parking there is along Streetcar, it's a wonder that folks make even more parking along the tracks for themselves.
  18. Despite an existing connection to Union Station and planned connection to Bennington, Streetcar isn't shown on DC Metro maps, while the planned Purple Line often is. I guess Charlotte has it right when hiding Gold Line from its maps too.
  19. For fans of hyperbole, here are two interesting facts about tourism and conventions... North Carolina is the fifth most visited state, which is impressive, given the top four states are the four most populous. The peer states to NC (5th) pulling in a lot more visitors than their population are Florida (2nd) and Tennessee (6th). Winston-Salem currently has the largest convention space on one level in North Carolina, which will be surpassed next by a planned expansion in Hickory. Large, single-level convention spaces attract a different kind of convention, like car shows and boat shows, than a destination venue does, like national conferences.
  20. All of the grade separations could even remain and still have room for branch trails and waterways connecting to Little Sugar Creek.
  21. The main reason to be concerned more about interconnectivity of LYNX lines than serving Gateway Station is there are a ton more riders connecting with Blue Line at CTC than there ever have been or ever will be from all the North Meck Expresses and Amtrak trains combined. And thus, it's a safe bet that Silver Line will connect a ton more riders with Blue Line than would ever be connecting with Red Line and Amtrak combined.
  22. Dallas has the largest LRT system in the US yet manages multiple overlapping lines in its downtown, and so do many other cities, like Denver, Minneapolis, and Portland.
  23. 1. A lot of those transfers now happen at CTC, but with Silver Line, several east and west bus routes, including the highest ridership bus routes, could more efficiently connect outside of Uptown 2. Not significantly slower than curves already planned on Silver Line, like around North Graham Street
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