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  1. The Amelie’s closure hurts. I have been really stressing about uptown and going above and beyond to support. We are there almost every weekend. We actually moved right before the pandemic from Fourth Ward to Dilworth and the difference between South End and Uptown is drastic currently. South End is fine and bustling. Of course South End had a lot of momentum before the pandemic. But I still struggle with how the difference can be so stark. I understand all the empty office towers is an obvious answer but there are still plenty of high rise apartment and condo buildings (we sold our place
  2. I travel every other week and take the Sprinter to the airport!
  3. Glad to see these increases! We are taking the train to Raleigh from Charlotte in a few weekends! Can’t wait to see the new Union Station. Also using the new Piedmont frequency on the way back, it fills a much needed afternoon spot.
  4. The pizza place (Sapienza) is quite good and reasonable priced too. It has become our go to pizza spot now and it is always busy with take-outs and people eating inside.
  5. Yes, beyond excited! Definitely going. I was there last October and met some of the Royal Riot members and they are beyond awesome, their dedication to watching the Panthers is impressive!
  6. That is not the Arlington. That is the Kimpton Tryon Park hotel with the sun reflecting off of it.
  7. Crate and Barrel. But I would also love to see a Zara come to either Uptown or Southend. It would kill.
  8. We had an awesome weekend in Raleigh! We took the Carolinian to Raleigh on Saturday and the Piedmont back to Charlotte on Sunday. The Carolinian was completely packed by the time we reached Greensboro. The Piedmont on the way back had 3 coach cars but they were only using two, divided between those traveling to Charlotte and those getting off at other stops. Both of them were almost completely full! Raleigh's new Union Station looks incredible and I am super jealous. We are definitely planning a trip back to see it once it is open, hopefully on the 3rd Piedmont frequency. We visited
  9. My family and I took the train from Charlotte to Raleigh this weekend. We took the Carolinian to Raleigh on Saturday and the Piedmont back to Charlotte on Sunday. I have taken the train to Raleigh before and really enjoyed it but it has always been on the Carolinian. The Carolinian was completely packed by the time we reached Greensboro. I was most excited though for an opportunity to ride the Piedmont. It was very nice! The windows are huge and much bigger than those on the standard Amtrak rolling stock so you really get to see a lot. The interior was very nice as were the seats. They had 3 c
  10. Thank you so much! This was very comprehensive and useful. We are taking the train to Raleigh this weekend and excited to check things out!
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