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  1. Not sure about a big anchor, but a friend heard yesterday that Panera is trying to get in there. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. A friend and I were discussing the closing of Atlanta Bread company yesterday. It got us both to thinking about something. Is there an authentic bakery in downtown anywhere. Somewhere a person could go each day to get fresh bread and pastry? Maybe something like Great Harvest bread company, or any kind of non-franchised place would be good. The trick would be finding somewhere the rent wouldn't be outrageous. Couldn't you just imagine walking down the street on your way to work and smelling fresh bread baking?
  3. Finally! We have somewhere to go eat (when we don't have time to go downtown) other than Ruby Tuesdays or Olive Garden. There are a few other small restaurants around Cherrydale, but my husband and I have said several times that they really needed some variety. I've heard wonderful things about Brioso's Fresh Pasta and am looking forward to it opening. I saw this week that there is also a DryClean USA there. I do hope Liquid Highway follows through with the plan for an inside coffee shop. That is something else the Cherrydale area is missing, unless you want to go to Atlanta Bread Company (jus
  4. Could be Davis-Kidd/Joseph-Beth. They are owned by the same company and more in the southeast and midwest area. They only have 7 stores total and are very well done. I've been to the Joseph Beth in Charlotte and the Davis-Kidd in Nashville. They are 1 1/2 or 2 level stores.
  5. I think he was talking about the store they had planned to open along with the Charleston store (and originally, even before the Charleston store). I think the way you do-if the demographics are right, then the space for the store should be able to be found. Even if it takes a little while longer, the people around here aren't going to lose interest and stop using Apple products. To get the best coverage for the state, if only two stores are going to be opened at first, Greenville and Charleston make a lot of sense.
  6. I'm glad to be reading this. I have a good friend who was recently told that Greenville had dropped the ball and taken too long to move on this and had lost their chance for an Apple store completely. With everything being delayed at Magnolia, it makes sense to me. I argued somewhat and told him it was just delayed, but he said it had been tabled and would most likely be awhile before Apple would revisit our area as a potential store site. I'm hoping that with this potential threat, Greenville got on the ball and quickly found a place that Apple would be happy with and could get into in a hu
  7. There was a new "Behind the Counter" in the Journal about 4 weeks ago. The 2007 edition was probably put out in late-February or early March last year.
  8. Since we were on our way out the door when I saw the card, I didn't get to add one on this visit, however, I plan to go back in a couple of weeks. I will definitely add a card then. I've also thought about sending an email. I love the atmosphere there. It is different than any other bookstore I've been in. Anytime we visit somewhere different, we look for a bookstore, and love to find stores we haven't been in before. This is my favorite so far.
  9. We were in Charlotte yesterday at South Park Mall and went into Joseph-Beth Booksellers. As we were leaving I told my husband that it would be a perfect bookstore for Greenville. Instead of another Borders or Barnes and Noble, why not Joseph-Beth (*Davis-Kidd) Booksellers He just chuckled and walked me over to a board with comment cards on it. One of the top ones had a note asking them to please consider coming to Downtown Greenville, SC. It mentioned our Riverplace area that is still being developed and how great it would be for this type of bookstore. My husband looked at me and said "Sounds
  10. Last week I was checking out and Publix and told the cashier I was going to go pick up a Journal and to go ahead and add it in. When I got back to the check out lane, she said "Oh, the Journal is free." I told her I was glad to hear that, since it has always been free at Bi-Lo." I also told her it would be nice if everyone knew it since I had paid for it quite a few times there. They may have just changed recently, however, and made it free. I will occasionally pay for one, but usually try to find a free one if I can. I have found the Bi-Lo I go to will have them about 2 out of 3 weeks.
  11. gvilledh

    The West End

    I thought I had read somewhere that "DogsonWheels had tried to get inside the park or at least in front of it and had not been able to. Maybe trash concerns are the issue. Sometimes it's hard to figure out how their minds are working. Things that seem obvious to those of us who use the park, aren't always so obvious to those in charge. Of course, they could also have good reasons. And you are right-Travo wouldn't be too happy, and we want Travo happy since he has good info!
  12. gvilledh

    The West End

    This may have been covered somewhere before, I'm not sure. Why doesn't the city let anyone have the carts inside the park? I've thought from the time it opened that we would see them in there. I really expected it and looked forward to it. I was thinking mainly popcorn or snowcones in the summer, coffee in the winter, and water and soft drinks all the time. The hotdog carts would be great, too, but if they don't want to do that, they could at least a few places out in the park to get drinks for the kids. Another thought would be to let local charities run the areas on the weekends as a way to
  13. gvilledh

    The West End

    The only details given on the fries were that they were Fresh cut. At least they aren't the frozen ones. I, too, immediately thought of the ones in the funnel cups. I have a feeling they will make their money from the hamburgers, sandwiches and foods like that. I just looked online and they have their menu posted. Here's the link: http://www.munchiesgreenville.com/ And, yes, the fries are in a cup!! Does anyone know if this is a franchise or something original to Greenville?
  14. gvilledh

    The West End

    My daughter and I were downtown this afternoon, enjoying the beautiful weather. We weren't the only ones enjoying it since this is Spring Break Week. We walked by Munchies and saw that they are opening on March 28. They have their menu posted outside. It's a lot different than I expected. They will have a funnel cake, but they will also have hamburgers, hot dogs, a grilled cheese with bacon, Fresh cut Fries and a good variety of other items. They will have some ice cream specialties, also. They have what they call Southern Snow, which will be their version of a snow cone. One of their big dra
  15. I wasl looking through some old pictures and saw this one. It was right when Katrina had hit. I remember hoping that we would never see those prices on regular basis. Now, I think 3.00 a gallon might be nice!
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