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  1. I thought Gander Mountain was going to be an anchor at the proposed new development in CPC, but they announced a new $8 million store in Opelika. Is Columbus missing the boat here? It appears that Phenix City, Opelika, and Auburn are moving rapidly ahead of us.
  2. I thought Gander Mountain was coming to the new center at CPC. They are building in Opelika instead. Is Columbus missing the boat? The Brickyard in PC, the Courtyard by Marriott Conference Center at 14th in PC, Riverchase interchange, etc. And Opelika moving fast on retail development??
  3. I'm glad to see more riverfront condos coming to the metro even if they are across the river. Maybe this will prove that you can build taller buildings and not have 300 apartments spread out over hundreds of acres. Cities build up, not always out. I'm curious as to why Columbus is not reaping as many benefits with new projects and plants as are Auburn / Opelika and now Phenix City. Is our government aggressively pursuing industries, hotels, etc. For years, I've tried to pull a major professional conference away from Augusta, but have been unsuccessful because we don't have a hotel large e
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