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  1. I really like the trees planted on Bibb. It really makes that area look totally different than just sidewalk.
  2. I spoke with the Urban Forester this morning. The new ordinance is just for public property. He said the only ordinance(s) applying to private property were those for the Historical Districts already in affect.
  3. Is it just for city and historical districts? The article says public and private property. I can see the historic districts being under more scrutiny. But I personally wouldn't want to have to ask permission to do anything to the trees on my personal property.
  4. There is an articel on Dr. Bronner in Montgomery Living Magazine. It has a Q&A format. One question about the old judicial building that may interest you. I would copy and past but its in pdf format. http://www.rsa.state.al.us/Articles/RSA%20...ng%209-2007.pdf
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