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  1. Well, its hard to actually pinpoint the exact amount of average household income, the census data indicates something completely opposite of what the real estate companies like General Growth (where the $61,000 came from), Kimco or Jones, Lange and Lasalle say the market has. As well, Savannah is still very much a pocketed city. Wilmington Island and Skidaway Island have 6 figure average incomes while as soon as you cross the Skidaway River towards Whitfield or the Wilmington River towards Thunderbolt, the incomes go way down. Gordonston still is a very high income neighborhood but it is surro
  2. I think the historic review board would have a cow with that proposal. They only like to see buildings at most containing about 8 floors. They should simply renovate the exterior of that parking garage to be more appealing. I agree that it is a really ghastly building. Some other thoughts I have from reading the blogs are: When the new arena opens in a few years and they demolish the MLK one at the Civic Center, they should build the IMAX on that spot. They could incorporate, maybe some boutiques and a smaller Whole Foods. That's what surprises me, we have yet to see one of those enter th
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