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  1. So I know this is totally not urban, but any ideas what is going into the old Krispy Kreme in Cranston?
  2. After checking out CW28's wiki entry it looks like all of their master control is now based in Salt Lake City, so I assume all they have here is a business and sales office. Lame. I miss the days of real local TV with local personalities and shows. Even WLVI in Boston is now nothing more than a retransmission with no original programming or offices. Bah!
  3. I was looking through the Jay Boersma collection of Providence in 1976 pictures and realized that I could use Google streetview to recreate them - Fun! Olney St Market 1976 Olney St Market 2008 Dynamo House 1976 Dynamo House 2008 Cherry & Webb 1976 Cherry & Webb 2008 Liam
  4. This Story made me furious: http://www.projo.com/news/content/IMMIGRAN..._v33.f1bec.html What a horrible excuse for a person. I wish we could revoke citizenship for being an ignorant whitebread pr1ck.
  5. That space is now our new home! Very exciting!!
  6. Any suggestions for reasonable office/loft space preferably in Providence or Cranston? So far Conley Wharf seems like it might be the best bet, but I havent heard back on what is available. If we can swing it I'm hoping for the 700-1000sqft range.
  7. I got a call yesterday around 1pm telling me to work from home today. Viva la VPN!
  8. I found a link to this picture from 1941 on an automotive news blog of all things...
  9. A year or so down the road it will be fantastic. Im looking at it as similar to the iPod at launch. Most people have never even seen one of the mechanical scroll wheel iPods, but we all saw how well the revisions have done...
  10. I'm Boycotting Jen Coleslaw Boycotting UP. I'm also Boycotting your fanbase. And Dels. And Fun.
  11. So yesterday we went to Lake Compounce Park in Bristol CT to shoot some footage and record some audio for the Rocky Point movie. I hadn't ever been there before, but what a great old school amusement park! It's been around since 1846 (one year before Rocky Point) and is currently run by Kennywood who kind of specializes in the smaller old school family parks. Their landscaping is beautiful, the place is sparkling clean, and the prices arent all that bad either. They were super accomidating for us and gave us a guy to help us lug gear around and get us into good locations for recording audio. At the end of the day he usshered us to the front of the line to ride their supremely awesome wooden rollercoaster that is built into the side of a hill. Its really tremendous.
  12. My mom just got a Macbook with a glossy screen and I must say its gorgeous. I would prolly lean gossy, but they are both extremely nice displays. I dont think you can go wrong either way. I got a Mac Pro Tower a couple weeks ago and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I got a cheap 20" samsung LCD and its just awesome.
  13. Man, I wish I could get a Mac at work! I'm the "Macintosh Tiger Team Leader" and all I get is a lousy thinkpad
  14. They just did that minor bump on the Macbooks yesterday, so I would assume the MacBook Pros will see something before WWDC. I kept hoping for a bump on the Mac Pro's, but there still isnt anything on the horizon, so I bit the bullet. I got the low end one (Quad Core 2.0Ghz Xeons) but it should still do just fine. Certainly a big jump over my ailing dual G4. I got a couple 500GB drives for it, some extra ram and a 22" cheapie LCD. W00t!
  15. Unrelated to anything - I just ordered me a new Mac Pro - Hot Diggity!
  16. This is why TiVo is a neccesity. I was able to log in from work as soon as I read about it and schedule it to record. Booyah.
  17. I saw Green Day at a Grange Hall on the Cape. Everyone left after 7 league boots played. I think there were 7 or 8 of us for Green Day. A few months later Dookie was released and things changed. a lot.
  18. On Saturday all my son wanted to do was go outside and play with our RC trucks. I was tired of sharing, so I bought him a used one and fixed it up and this was the first day we would be able to use it. Just as we were getting shoes on and ready to head downstairs to race up and down the street the fire department showed up to flush the hydrant in front of our house. It completely flooded the street with rusty brown water, thereby nixing our plans of doing lots of sweet sweet jumps. Owen was pissed! Luckily it was so sunny that the water burned off in an hour or so and we were back to rocking out. This was followed up with hamburgers on the grill in the backyard and then a trip to dairy twirl in cranston (the line was too long at Dairy King). We consumed a LOT of soft serve. Summertime fun is good.
  19. I was woken up last night by gunshots coming from the intersection of Cranston and Dexter. It's the first time I have heard definite gunshots in the 7 years we have lived here. I used to hear them when we lived off Hope St all the time oddly enough. There was a huge about of yelling and horn honking and mayhem for about 15 minutes afterwards, then the cops showed up and everything was eerily quiet. I hate that projo doesnt post the police blotter anymore - I would like to know what was up, especially since it was so close to my house.
  20. Naw - theres still time! Credit Cards dont discriminate - Get Thee to the Apple Store!
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