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  1. I see United/Continental has dropped their service to Newark in may. I don't know if they plan on adding it back or not. But it looks like LIT is without NYC service again.
  2. According to airliners.net, US air is planning on adding 2x daily to Washington DC at the end of March. Its going to be flown on E-170, which is similar in size to a regional jet, but with a comfort level of a mainline jet. Also, dude to AA's bankruptcy and the removal of turbo props from DFW, AA is moving to 5 daily all mainline until the end of march.
  3. One at the Promenade would be really cool!! I could see a lot of the empty lots built up for stand alone restaurants. BTW, i really wish they would expand to Fayetteville. Rogers has P.F. Chang's so put the Pei Wei in Fayetteville.
  4. Any news on the old Lewis and Clark space? I know some pop up Halloween shop is there, but what about a long term, permanent tenant.
  5. I saw some site survey workers out on the back side of the Promenade this past week? They were working around the wooded area behind the center. Are there any rumors going around town? Also, any news going on about the vacant lots around the center? I know McDonald's is going in on one. What about the rest? and btw, why were they allowed to go in here? Why not by Kroger?
  6. Does anyone know whats going on with the old Walmart on Chenal? Its been quiet for a while now.
  7. What is a small format super center? Maybe the supercenter at Shackelford Crossings is taking over as the areas supercenter.
  8. Has J Crew started construction yet?. I think if Dicks wanted to build a store where the Dillard's was suppose to go they could do that. I still think that spot is destined for a Macy's, however Dillard's will never let that happen.
  9. Are there any interior renderings of what the space might look like? I still fail to see how this will help attract new tenants. Also, is there a theater less than several hundred feet away in Lakewood Village?
  10. I feel with Burlington right next door, perhaps the old Linens n things building would have been a better site.
  11. Is Walmart about to remodel the chenal store? There is a permit filed on the ADH website. I would assume this is just new signage, etc.
  12. Why isnt the Promenade doing more publicity about the new stores coming online? I would think that they would like to get the word out that this is not a dead shopping center because from what I hear everyone thinks this place is dead.
  13. I wish Delta would add LAX or Salt Lake City. That would make going west so much easier.
  14. Does anybody know how the Vision Airlines flights are doing going out of Little Rock? As much as I love the low fares, I do wish that the flight would have been on a more dependable carrier such as Delta or Southwest. Its to bad neither one of them have jumped on the Florida market from LIT.
  15. AA mainline starts this week. Been almost a decade since last mainline flight to DFW from LIT!! This is big news for LIT!! It will be great to see big boy jets in little rock again at the AA gate.
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