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  1. Maybe we can change it to "Tap"ids for a day next time we want to pander for Beer City USA.
  2. I heard that local media jumped the gun on this - the press release was worded in an unclear way. Apparently the Rivertown Younkers will stay open.
  3. That's an Aldi, I'm pretty sure...
  4. Their website says they're opening this September. Really curious to see if they'll make it and how this thing will pan out.
  5. Per the concierge today, the rooftop bar will be reserved for hotel guests only, eventually. They'll have (or already have) a bar on the second floor that will remain open to the public. Not sure how long it will last, I'd go soon. He said they're open at 5 tonight.
  6. For Urban plazas, I love Fort Worth's Water Gardens and I'd love to see something like that in GR. Kinda like the fountains in front of the GR Ford museum, but on steroids. They work well as an "urban oasis" that still functions as an attraction/park and gathering space, and I could see something like that making a nice barrier from the freeway. Plant some white pines instead of cypress trees. How something like that would work in our climate, in a smaller space, above a parking garage, leaving space for the Grand Vitesse, it's not for me to figure out...
  7. Looks like Montello's is closing the Downtown Market location, effective tomorrow: They announced it on their Facebook.
  8. There was an incident a few years ago with a cash-grab promotion that got some people hurt, if I remember correctly. And it's possible that they've covered or at least mentioned a few of the bigger players single-A rehab starts, like Maggs, Granderson, and Kenny Rogers.
  9. I'll miss Studio 28. I'm going to go to a few matinees there this week because Studio (along with Alpine 4 and Quad 6) was where I went to the movies growing up, and it will be missed. Spent hours waiting for my parents in the arcade at Studio. But enough with nostalgia. Studio is probably the easiest theater to get to from downtown, and its closing pretty much cements the idea that you have to go the suburbs (or further out in the suburbs) to go to the movies. Of course, Loeks owns or opened most of those theaters too, and I guess Studio couldn't compete with them. Maybe this will open a door for a downtown theater somewhere down the road. What about a store like IKEA taking its place? With Israel's store right down the road, another big furniture draw might work.
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