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  1. Wow! That's a blast from the past! I can remember having many a dinner and mind-eraser at the Mirror. Chris was a magician. A good friend of mine and I would have the blackened NY strip and frog legs. Chris always seemed to nail it every time. I would like to know what he is up to as well.
  2. I was just reading that story and almost blew coffee out of my nose when I hit paragraph 4. That is an extremely high vacancy rate! It couldn't come at a worse time, just as I am about to put my house in the city up for rent this summer. I have been watching the rental rates in Richmond and they seem extremely high. I had initially planned on renting my 5 bdrm on Brook Road for a little over a thousand, but when I saw what other houses, similar to mine and in the same area, were renting for, I decided to ask for a little more. I wonder if the rental vacancy percentage is jacked-up here because the number of foreclosures might be lower than the national average. If the job losses here are not as bad as the rest of the country, then you would expect that there would be less foreclosures and a smaller number of people looking for rental property. Also, I wonder if the new condos are adding to this huge number.
  3. D_C

    Richmond Coffee House

    I think the time has come to have smoking and non-smoking states. Virginia is a smoking state by default. Case closed. Now, I am off to the garage to fire up a juicy Camel Light!
  4. D_C

    Richmond Coffee House

    I did see that a vast majority passed a bill that would make it illegal to smoke in a vehicle when a minor is also in the vehicle. Even legislators that opposed the restaurant bill. Although I oppose any legislation that would keep a business owner from running his/her own business, I do think that the no-smoking in vehicles with kids bill, warrants support.
  5. D_C

    Richmond Sports

    I watched Nevada host New Mexico State the other night and I think VCU can take them!
  6. D_C

    VCU Developments

    At least a decade away. A lot of new things to retrofit old buildings can be developed in 10 years. This opens the door for brainstorming and brigh ideas to develop. I wouldn't call it a "goner" just yet. That's a pretty good stay of execution there.
  7. If this is the same car I think it is, they might cost a little more than 12k. Mercedes is putting these little buggers out. From what I was told a couple of years ago, they can take a side impact and roll like a ball, while protecting driver and passenger. Think hampster in a plastic ball. They are all over Canada.
  8. D_C

    Richmond Coffee House

    City of Richmond's new Chief of Police: http://ci.bridgeport.ct.us/newdepartments/...iefsoffice.aspx
  9. D_C

    Richmond Sports

    From the sounds of that article, the possibility of the Nat's AAA team coming to Richmond is more real than I thought. I knew that Columbus had one more year on their contract but never figured that we would actually have a shot with the bad press and all. I believe we should hold out on AA ball in town, unless it is somewhere in the burbs, and sharpen our ability to land the Nat's AAA team here.
  10. The Style article mentions the current tennants but does not mention the Virginia Credit Union. Isn't VACU located in the ground floor of that building?
  11. Burt, in response to your question about the experience at Whole Foods, I thought I would offer up our experience. Before I do, I must first say that I was raised in the city, and will always have city of Richmond branded on my heart. With that being said, let me say that the West Broad Village looks absolutely fantastic. It kind of sucks because I wish that our downtown looked that good. The brick streets are schmokin'!! Instead of painted lines on the brick roads, they used a different color brick to designate the lane lines and turn lanes. Very classy indeed. Now, onto the Whole Foods. The place was packed! A whole lot of people and so many choices that it almost sent me back out to the car for a beer. (Beer selection in that joint is astronomical) There are a lot of really great deals in there and a huge selection. The prices aren't that bad and even though there were a large number of shoppers in the store, getting through the checkout line was a breeze. Very suprising. We have a pretty good sized family and we usually get all of our produce from local farmer's markets in the area (Lakeside) and try to keep it as healthy and organic as possible. Don't get me wrong, we eat meat, lots of it and every kind, but we do try to stay away from as many processed things as we can. Whole Foods is an excellent store and West Broad Village looks stellar. It broke my heart to say this.
  12. D_C

    Richmond Coffee House

    Ahhh. the week just wouldn't be complete without the racist rants from Michael Paul Williams.
  13. D_C

    Richmond Sports

    Or an amusement park. As for the final games at the Diamond, I would like to go and hurl my R-Braves butt-cushion onto the field like a giant frisbee. Although I live a few blocks from the Diamond, I haven't been since they announced they were leaving, and I don't see myself breaking the boycott now. Funny. I have actually seen television advertising these last few days, in an attempt to bring folks into these last games. What a great idea!!! Advertising on television to get fans to come!! Why didn't someone think of this like 15 years ago?
  14. D_C

    Richmond Sports

    Pigeons have been poorly represented throughout the course of sports and mascots. Pigeons are a very popular bird yet are not in the sporting world today. We need to step outside of the box and recognize the Pigeon. The Richomond Pigeons ~ or, just ~ The Pigeons! Why shouldn't the flying rats be a good mascot? We have Spiders. When I lived in Oregon back in 1989, and U of R made it into the final 4, my friends always found it amusing that the University of Richmond had picked a creepy insect as their mascot. Think about it, a Spider. Sure, the Purple Martins are popular, today. But what about tomorrow? Pigeons are timeless! When the clique-ish crowd stops gawking at the Purple Martins, the Pigeons will still be there, poorly represented and unrecognized. Such is the life of a Pigeon.
  15. D_C

    Richmond Developments

    Daniel Neman, like a lot of us older Deadheads, has been complaining about the sound at the Coliseum since 1985. There is nothing like seeing an excellent band perform a stellar concert, only to be minimized by piss-poor sound quality. I have seen all kinds of different types of music at the coliseum and one thing always remains the same; the sound sucks in that place! It would be a shame to see it go though, in a way. My parents dragged me to see Elvis there in the 1970's. In my opinion, the coliseum carries too much bass and the vocals are always muddied by the distorted mid-range and highs that are cranked to counter the oppressive bass.
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