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  1. It's right near the corner of Augusta and Haynie street. If heading south on Main street, it's about 3 blocks past the Drive Stadium if you go left at the intersection of Pendleton and August. There's that tall building... I think it's a retirement home or something, right before it. It doesn't show up on Google street view, it's newer than that, but it's there, and it's going up.
  2. Speaking of August Rd.... What's going on with all the houses they are putting up in Ella Mae Logan Park? Anyone have any news on those. There's probably about 15 of them now, and I'd say they are 2 to 3 bedrooms each.
  3. Eariler on this tread I saw something about being $200sqft. I sent an email asking about them and this is the response I received. I don't like how the price seems to be increasing. It seriously needs to drop some if I ever plan being able to move there.... Your inquiry concerning the condominiums at McBee Station has been referred to me. We do not have a formal brochure available at this time, but I will try to give you some information about the condominiums. There will be a total of 22 condominiums consisting of one-, two- and three-bedroom floor plans ranging from approximately 1,100 sq. ft. to 2,600 sq. ft. We are not distributing the floor plans at the present time; however, each of the floor plans is different with some units featuring amenities such as roof-top terraces, unique fireplaces,
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