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  1. That's kind of funny--I have only been to Providence once (for an interview), and I stayed at the Radisson! Actually, the room I stayed in was quite nice (I swear to god it was)! But agreed, the location is less than ideal, which is why I'm open to other suggestions. By the way, thanks, cotuit, for the hotel info/link. You are truly a fountain of information! Judy
  2. Cotuit, Fabulous cafe reviews!! Definitely enough places to keep my mom and I highly caffeinated during our trip (and entertained!). Next big question: B&B/hotel suggestions? Judy
  3. Hey, thanks kinematix! Why did you leave the neighborhood? Judy
  4. Hi Everyone, So I found out this week that I will most definitely be moving to Providence in June. I got the position at RIH that I was hoping for! Based on what I've been hearing from you folks, I think I'm going to love the city. Thank you to everyone who gave me (and Emily!) advice on neighborhoods--this was very helpful. I'll be coming to Providence in a few weeks to "scout out" the specific areas that I would like to live in. Just a leisurely weekend of walking around and sitting in cafes (my mom will be joining me), people watching, etc... So here is my question for you folks: in the various neighborhoods that you live in, what are the main commercial areas? Wherever I live, I'd like to live within a few blocks of the neighborhood cafe, dry cleaners, bookstore, corner grocery store, etc. I am specifically asking for street names/intersections. And I am particularly interested in Wayland Square, Hope Village, and Fox Point. I know that I am being anal, and you can let me know if this is an absurd request. Thank you for your input! Judy
  5. Garris, I, too, will be moving to Providence for a training program at RIH (well, ok, not 100% certain, but I'm pretty confident, and will know for sure on March 17th). I am hoping to buy a condo, but don't know the area or the real estate market. Did you buy your townhouse prior to starting your job, or did you rent first, figure out what area you liked, and then buy? It seems like the latter option would make the most sense, given my unfamiliarity with Providence, but I am also not sure that the crazy hours of an intern will allow for condo hunting. What do you think? Any advice? Thanks! Judy
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