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  1. buckett5425

    Louisiana State University

    Center piece of a mixed-use development....single-use suburban building... I thought LSU had finally figured it out, I guess not.
  2. buckett5425

    St. George City Incorporation News

    I think you're asking all the right questions, Mr. Bernham, and perhaps you'll find your answer soon enough.
  3. buckett5425

    St. George City Incorporation News

    Google Maps content is managed by local users and I am pretty sure many of us have contributed. The city limits did change, however they are not accurate, nor were they previously accurate, so I would image someone is trolling the St. George promoters.
  4. buckett5425

    Baton Rouge Coffee House

    Its refreshing to see a group, Be Fair BR, rally support for a cause the majority of the city supports. It will be interesting to see what cause they promote next, is this a reincarnation of the now defunct organization "Progress Is?" The ordinance is needed to protect individuals from demeaning statements such as, "...since indulging in sexual desires is now portrayed to be a vital necessity..."
  5. buckett5425

    Harveston Baton Rouge TND Development

    ^ Oh I totally over looked that part in the image you provided. Yes. IT IS WEIRD.
  6. buckett5425

    Harveston Baton Rouge TND Development

    Yes. The proportions are slightly off for the Greek Revival Style. The building is too wide for its height causing the small columns to be spaced too far apart. Also the height of the second floor gallery should be more similar to the height of the first, it being shorter is also causing the house to look squatty.
  7. buckett5425

    St. George City Incorporation News

    I think y'all meant to say corporations. haha
  8. buckett5425

    Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    Rent in Towne Center is through the roof. Also, Aristocracy is a destination store, their customer base will follow them where ever they are located and Towne Center does't provide much foot traffic outside their stores.
  9. buckett5425

    New Urbanism

    ...and at the end of this silly thread, Baton Rouge still has traffic. Traffic caused by people who don't want anyone cutting thru their subdivision who doesn't live there, which forces every resident in the neighborhood, and other parts of the city to only use a handful of major arteries to get around town. I've already stated, i get it, if i wanted to live in a quite subdivision, I wouldnt want cars cutting thru my neighborhood either, but people need to understand that subdivisions with confusing layouts and few exit points CREATE traffic.
  10. buckett5425

    New Urbanism

    You know what happens when you assume...
  11. buckett5425

    New Urbanism

    ...and after all of this, you still haven't explained why you think the subdivisions along Perkins aren't an example of poor planning. I AM DYING TO KNOW! lawls
  12. buckett5425

    New Urbanism

    Well, I would have preferred to say, "Normally when someone states their disagreement on a topic, they follow it with a rebuttal," but you aren't here to have discussions, you're here to leave one liners without actually addressing the topic... So I believed "lolz" would be a more appropriate response and judging by your reply, I would think it was. ^lolz
  13. buckett5425

    New Urbanism

    "Not it's not." lolz
  14. buckett5425

    New Urbanism

    "They all tie into Perkins" I would completely agree that there are far better examples for "vulgar" single-entrance subdivisions....however all the subdivisions along that stretch are a systemic example of poor planning.
  15. buckett5425

    New Urbanism

    Okay, you've got me.... More single entrance subdivisions will reduce traffic. FACT.