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  1. I was reading an article on Consumer Reports about Supermarkets and Harris Teeter was rated number 6. Number 1 is Wegmans, Number 2 is Trader Joes, Number 3 is Publix, Number 4 is Raley's, Number 5 is Whole Foods, Number 7 was Costco, Number 8 is Lowes, Number 50 is Food Lion not a suprise there. Targer Super Center was rated very well at number 14, but Wal-Mart Supercenter was at number 45. They ratings were based on Service, Perishables, Price, and Cleanliness.
  2. I heard recently that Harris Teeter is planning to build a new store in Indian Trail. It's supposed to be at the corner at Secrest Shortcut and Unionville-Indian Trail Rd. Does anyone have any information about this?
  3. How much bigger will South Park Mall get. Hi, I was looking at the size of South Park and other malls. South Park is not all that big, don't get me wrong South Park is the best mall, and they are getting Nemuin Marcus. Even Richmond, VA has a bigger mall. So my question is will South Park stay the same after Nemuin Marcus or will it keep on getting bigger and bigger.
  4. Do any of you know if Southwest Airlines is still coming to Charlotte.
  5. Yeah, but there is so much land near the airport. They could build an under ground train and make Charlotte Douglas really big.
  6. Do you guys think that Charlotte Douglas will ever become a lot bigger. More a long the lines of Orlando, Washington Dulles, or maybe even Atlanta.
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