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  1. Outlet malls tend to develop at interstate interchanges. Don't ever look for anything to happen to Cortana except the same thing that happened to Bon Marche. Unfortunately its very hard to find any company of substance that wants to sink alot of money into a venture that's located so close to high crime areas. Baton Rouge is no exception.
  2. ... that I am ecstatic about the road widening projects currently underway (and completed). Harrells Ferry from Oneal lane to Sherwood Forest is a total pleasure of a drive now. I still think that Oneal should have taken priority over Millerville years ago since it is a much larger corridor and feeds downtown from the interstate. Nonetheless, once its done between the interstate and Harrells Ferry you'll hear me breathe a huge sigh of relief. Until then, Harrells Ferry to Millerville works just fine during the rush hours! Next up is 2 more phases of Old Hammond starting with Oneal to Mille
  3. Can't wait for the Central Thruway to be completed since I literally work 1 block west of there on Floriday and live in Central!
  4. Whats up guys. Went down to the River Center yetserday for a dance recital and decided to brave the heat and snap a few pics. Enjoy
  5. Schlitzz & Giggles is going to rock! Can't wait to check it out. How you been Richy? Email me if you get a chance, I have a question for you. Thanks
  6. Man, no kidding. I avoid that intersection like the plague. There's always some distraught woman not sure which way to turn or where she's going though. LOL Seriously though, what is really the point of not straightening out Harrells Ferry right there? Its just a big grassy area with a few trees. What gives!
  7. Here are a few i've taken around town for my website... why not share em with you guys!
  8. I live pretty close to you and I agree totally.... what the heck is all that going to be good for? I was hoping they'd make it so that when you exited I-12 going eastbound you could go straight over Sherwood onto Harrells Ferry without having to turn and wait to make a left. That seems like the most logical choice. That and they wouldn't have had to close Pasta Garden!
  9. Thanks Drew... glad to be here Thank you byrde... let me know what you think [email protected]
  10. Hi, byrde... thanks for the welcome! No, I am not affiliated with the television show. The show is 3 words with no .com. I am affiliated with the website which is one word with .com. This place is great! Thanks Richy! Cane's seems to be a success everywhere they open. This should be no exception to the rule
  11. You echoed my opinion, Richy.... I have no idea how they figure this will ease I-12 traffic.
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