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  1. Are laminate considered Hardwood Floors? Centro is advertising Quad condos for sale on a realtor website with "Hardwood Floors". The first asking price is $224,900 for a 1/1. Should a condo in First Ward at this price in this economy with "laminate floors" cost this much? What are Hardwood Floors? Any experts out there willing to elaborate?
  2. unc2007lsu, I've got a friend that is more nervous than you are. I now hear it, since the first walk thru, more than ever. She didn't know backing out was a choice. After reading the contract thoroughly, it read as if once you signed, you were obligated to proceed with the process. No ands or buts. Are purchasers really changing their minds or can't qualify financially or are afraid of the economy? The place is attractive but I can see where everyone is having second thoughts. Centro will probably forced to renegotiate the prices if everyone in these buildings have the choice to backout.
  3. Several questions: Finally the 1st walk through. I attended the walk through with my friend. Laminate floors? The contractor explained the woods as if they were engineered ones since there were a couple of scratches. In addition, high heels were not recommended on these floors. I thought laminate was pretty sturdy? This is a surprise. (the floors do look nice though) Backout? How can anyone backout if the contract states, that the only legit reason not to continue with the process, is with the excuse of not being able to qualify financially? There is a painstaking three times obligat
  4. The major complaint among others were the change of wood floors leaving them wondering if they were the only ones with this scenario. Even though Centrocityworks states the quality is the same, the floors are completely (aesthetics)different. But you didn't have any problems. In fact they granted your request.
  5. Just spoke to another person who bought at the Quad. You were lucky to have had an early walk through. Theirs were postponed but had the chance to take a glimpse at their unit. They didn't seem very content at the idea that they were not contacted of the changes made in their unit since they had all their furnishings chosen to suit. Centro's reply initially was vague as to whom to place the blame on then stressed the contract's stipulation of allowed modifications.
  6. What a bummer. Just visited one in Bangor and not even Whole Foods can live to their reputation. A cornucopia of tastes, choice, and organization.
  7. QCkid Thanks for the pixs and sounds like you are a happy camper. The buildings are aesthetically pleasing. Architecturally they blend very well with Uptown...unlike The "pink building" in the foreground which should belong in Brickell in Miami. Mr. Furman continues to be constant on his facades. There is unconstructed land between the Enclave and Quarterside. Maybe a Hannaford or Whole Foods can be situated on this lot.
  8. Good shots of Quarterside. Any changes asthetically since these shots? Looks like the Row is finished. I wonder if people are satisfied with their purchase. Anyone which has bought at either at the Quad or the Ledge seen their unit and the premises and happy with the results?
  9. What happened to the Quad in the photos above? Interesting, the Row above has almost been completed while the Ledge and the Quad aren't. And it's taken two years to build the Quad, the first building planned to originally be built. Now the builder will add an incentive for the Quad and Ledge owners who can refer to buy at the Row, the Ledge, and the Quad....and they said the Ledge and Quad were sold out and had "waiting lists". Anyone who owns at the Quad care to state their thoughts?
  10. In actuality, the buyer is a single she. I don't know the demographics of First Ward but it seems that her concern is safety besides the tranquility since many reiterate that First Ward continues to be a somewhat problematic area. In addition, Blvd Centro did not notify her of the name change. When she signed the contract it was under Blvd Centro instead of Centro Cityworks. How the name change will affect the closing procedures and any aftermath remains to be experienced. Blvd Centro has not commented on this issue.
  11. The Pub is not good news. Property will devaluate with this type of establishment....liquor and junk food. The Quad residents, especially those on the 2nd floor, will have to contend with many major issues such as the noise since the building is not built out of concrete. BlvdCentro must have changed their name.....it's now Centro Cityworks. No explanation on why. The Quad is way overdue. A friend bought in Feb 2006 and continues to wait and wait. With the announcement of the Pub, the condo will be immediately for sale at a very attractive price (with the upgrades),even though there were no
  12. The rents at the Enclave are not going to be economical with justification of the sale prices. At another Charlotte Forum many professionals are asking for guidance on rentals, to try out the area, before buying. This is a perfect opportunity for those new comer business professionals, attorneys, doctors, engineers, and so forth. This project will definitely not be the same "First Ward Place Apartment" scenario. Uptown is becoming a very expensive area to live. It will be a matter of time before projects like these are phased out because of rising economics. By the way, where do these "subsi
  13. The word about the Quad at Quarterside is that it will be completed and ready for habitation in Summer of 2008. The tags are attractive therefore took the plunge too! The square looks promising according to Blvd Centro.
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