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  1. QC-NC

    The Vue

    Here you go CLTHeel... hope you enjoy. 1. Night shot this past weekend (another queen city crown) 2. Day shot a few minutes ago 3. Zoom on the Pool Deck & recently placed furniture... wow luxury indeed. Almost enough to have a pool balcony restaurant grilled?!
  2. I dont... 2nd place needs to remain 2nd best... haha a distant 2nd best. They should be happy they have the capital, count your blessings RDU
  3. QC-NC

    The Vue

    Here we go! Lit on 05.06.10 Next? obviously the residents Lets see how well it fills out
  4. QC-NC

    The Vue

    The removing "attachment" is at the top (also: Apparently call 704.374.0089 for a good time?)
  5. QC-NC

    The Vue

    Im watching the crane come down right now... Its pretty neat to watch the sequence of events for a crane to dismantle ITSELF (perhaps worth of Discovery Channel or something)
  6. QC-NC

    The Vue

    Spyshot of the Vue's new look:
  7. "Uptown Heaven" That foggy morning a few days ago...
  8. Haha, that sounds good. We'll all look forward to it! Amazing shots Jersey Boy! So what is the reoccuring pattern for lighting up the Carrilon building pink? Wasnt lit all summer but this fall and last fall it is / has been lit. I like it and I think they should keep it. Think its breast cancer awareness related?
  9. QC-NC

    The Vue

    Thanks for that clairifier dbull75. I swear all this drama uptown is going to drive us crazy! Guilty myself, this stuff is all getting in our heads and messing with our confidence...quite the mood change from our previous swagger of "the Dubai of the South" - where any and everything can and will be built... So any VUE contracted buyers hear any news yet?
  10. QC-NC

    The Vue

    Thank you... I completely agree. I mean can some one be play (realisitic) devil's advocate here and just give me the worst prognosis? I dont know, maybe Vue stalls for a yr or 2 in its current condition (or at least enclosed) and is re-sold - similar to the Park - for a huge lost to developers and some investors, but re-opens at a much more attractive pricepoint with "similar" but more realistic (key word in this post) designs? ?
  11. Get ready for some Center City snow shots...! http://www.charlotteobserver.com/597/story/482498.html (contingent upon it actually snowing)
  12. QC-NC

    The Vue

    haha not to get off topic (with trademark) but speaking of double panes and tinting... my tint has actually been scratched off (from the outside?!) at some locations...and im noticing it on the elevator side in the hall as well.. jeez value engineering
  13. QC-NC

    The Vue

    I can confirm as well that Trademark is double paned .... sooo? And yes, my comment before was noting that the blue in the marketing illustration IS indicating that all the windows will be (equally) tinted a blue color. Not a scattered random pattern. But also consider that Trademark itself is a perfect example of a building having some windows being tinted a different color than others... granted Tradmark has a pattern (every 5th floor on the corner units maybe?) to its gray/blue corner unit tinting but its still a plausible idea. (It would seem a bit weird to have blu
  14. QC-NC

    The Vue

    Yea it does appear to be clear with no film. So I stand corrected: im not certain that the film is not a permanent appearance but I know that I definitely saw a corner peeling off in a FEW of the windows (3 or 4). But as one person noted, a few renderings of the vue do show what appears to be blue tinted glass scattared throughout the facade... BTW...The windows I saw "peeling" were on the 2nd floor of the Vue (side closest to HT main entrance).....Seen @ the bottom right of Initial D's 1st picture:
  15. QC-NC

    The Vue

    Leaving the HT earlier this week, I stopped and can actually confirm the blue tint as being a protective coating on the glass. I could verify some of the coating peeling off so I do not believe it is permanent by any means.
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