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  1. I agree, seems odd. I feel like there's another reason for it... like giving them more leeway to remove loiterers and troublemakers from the platform. I wonder how strictly it will be enforced. I guess it does make sense for when there's a big crowd from an event...
  2. Granted this report is published loclly, so not sure how much it affects "nationwide perception", but: Charlotte's Citistates Report 2008: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/citistates/ "Syndicated columnist Neal Peirce and colleague Curtis Johnson give
  3. Wow! Yea, really comin' along...!
  4. This Light Rail ride sponsored by Napster.
  5. I went to Tilt (if I'm thinking of the right place) this past summer... I think they have counter-height stools at a bar-height bar. They're too low - I felt like a midget sitting at the bar (and I'm 6'2"). Seemed like a cool place, tho.
  6. From the info page on charmeck.org: "The USDG include information about why this new approach to planning and designing streets is necessary, how the guidelines should be applied, and how specific design features should be used for different types of streets." PDFs of the actual document can be downloaded there, as well.
  7. Immunization why? ...rednecks? Maybe it's better they didn't say Charlotte...
  8. College St. (Q: How do you do: "Reduced: 82% of original size [ 1024 x 768 ] - Click to view full image" ?) A: The forum will automatically resize the photo when viewing it inside of a thread if it is larger than the forum width being displayed in your browser window. *Note that this only works if you host your image elsewhere or use our Gallery and copy the bbCode into a forum post (only paid members and Members+ groups have access to upload images to our Gallery).
  9. hold up... leach v. To remove soluble or other constituents from by the action of a percolating liquid. leech n. any bloodsucking or carnivorous aquatic or terrestrial worm of the class Hirudinea, certain freshwater species of which were formerly much used in medicine for bloodletting. You're talking about the animal, right? Either way, I don't know if I'd want anything coming out of there to be used in my medical procedure...!
  10. my 1st post! I haven't even introduced myself properly yet, but I couldn't let a photo thread go neglected...
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