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  1. It was pretty far out anyways. Glad to hear they're exploring other options. NLR is really starting to fill in. If development is steered properly, I could imagine a small tram replacing the river rail in 20 years....i.e., by perhaps converting 2nd to tram + pedestrian/bikes only.
  2. Yeah, I guess I wasn't familiar with the issue. Does seem odd that they would worry about crime increases considering they're elevated.
  3. No worries. Rebsamen road, you mean where literally my favorite destination in Little Rock, the Big Dam Bridge, sits? You may have been right, but I'd like to think that the area took a much better turn with more trails and the longest pedestrian bridge in the world. Where else can you get such gorgeous views of a river and small mountains in the background, all while being in city limits? Certainly not anywhere else in middle america. My family took our out-of-country visitors (my parents are immigrants, after all) to the bridge. So I'm looking at Google Maps to see where this Reb
  4. Let me just state upfront: I have no realistic expectations of this happening, ever. I was just mulling it over. No, 100' wouldn't make it a world class park, but developing it would. Right now the riverfront park towards the western edge is really just enough space for a walkway with some buffer. It's nicer at the east end with the river market, but it tapers off and dies pretty quickly once you start heading west. Unfortunately, parks don't work quantity-demand scale. You can't simply turn things into parks--as this discussion shows. Great parks are built by foresight--land s
  5. I agree with Skirby--I sort of wish the La Harpe area was added to the park as well. That's prime real estate and it's a shame that the western downtown of LR is laid out so that the river is basically off limits beyond the Peabody. I think building a world-class park would be good reason to explore alternatives to Cantrell. Just imagine that ugly concrete turned into world-class greenspace with excellent landscaping--an extension of the incredible work at the children's park they already built. Is there an alternative to the Cantrell thoroughfare? I don't know, but it's worth explori
  6. I figured when I saw the building frames...... I'd say they're decent, but they are way out of context in downtown NLR. Too suburban of a look.
  7. I've driven around Little Rock and coming in from I-30, the skyline is starting to look very dense with these towers. The towers look equally stunning coming down on third from the Capitol... Thanks for the pics btw, they revitalize dying threads...
  8. I wonder how these projects will age. They don't look the same quality as similar types of development in Fayetteville. Granted, I'm looking at pictures prior to completion.
  9. Those are bike racks? They look neat, but it looks like at max they fit two bikes each, one on either side, which would be pretty impractical. Plus, it looks like the bodies of the bikes would extend out into the sidewalk and possibly obstruct it.
  10. I'm liking the density. The design of the hotel is pretty unremarkable, IMO, but the density's nice.
  11. I don't know....maybe I need to see the final product, but that design looks like it will go out of style fast.
  12. Courtesy of Hanke Bros, Siding and Windows, Inc. "Buy Siding and Get Windows FREE" Deal. This bodes well for the stereotype of Arkansans as cultureless, unsophisticated boars: a ramshackle "nature center" on the most prime real estate in the state. I must say though, the windows do add a nice touch to the classy siding. (But what's with the gap in windows--did they run out of money two fifths along the length of the back?)
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