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  1. bignasty96

    Hartford Restaurant/Retail

    That link didn't work for me, so here's another about Moe's:
  2. bignasty96

    IN PROGRESS: Front Street @ Adriaen's Landing

    Is Larry G the only developer in Hartford?? Is there no one else that can come in and develop a successful project?? I'm not hating on Larry, he's done good, I just find it hard to believe how terrible these other developers are. Now is it the state/city's fault for choosing these developers or the developers' fault for not coming through?
  3. bignasty96

    Hartford Non-Residential Developments

    I don't know the details. I have a friend who works at HRH, which is why I know they're moving. I'm almost positive the new space is old MetLife space but not certain.
  4. bignasty96

    Hartford Non-Residential Developments

    HRH is moving into CityPlace I in May.