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  1. Awesome, thank you. Now, I'm not a photographer, any of you out there that routinely photograph the skyline have one you'd be willing to submit?
  2. Can we please make this the new picture on the Charlotte city forum page? our skyline is under-represented in the current photo due to the construction that has taken place over the past couple years. Also there are the new angles for photos that some of our board members have gotten the opportunity to shoot from that have really presented us with some great pictures. This is my favorite embodying those changes.
  3. I'd be shocked if that sales figure for Bloc 90 they mentioned in the Observer today in the Fat City article was accurate. I doubt they still have 18 under contract, given that absolutely nothing has taken place on that site for a year now. Also, I'd be pretty surprised if the weather hasn't warped or damaged some of the interior studs and/or subfloors. The developers who did Fat City Lofts also did Dilworth Lofts, more than several of which never sold. Hopefully these guys can do something with the rental conversion so that building doesn't fall into disrepair or sit empty forever. I'm really digging the graffiti and colors on the street level.
  4. Couldn't find a similar topic, if I missed it, please move it to the appropriate spot. Most people refer to this as the French Quarter downtown (where the French Quarter restaurant is located), but Brevard Court has had some retail shakeups lately. George Herman's closed mysteriously one Friday a couple nights ago, with the landlord repossessing the property that day. Dogwood Cafe closed for good a while ago and the Roly Poly sandwich shop that was there on Church street has also been gone for a while. In the space where Roly Poly once was is a new breakfast spot called Eggheads that is opening soon. George Hermans remains to be seen if it will reopen, but I imagine it will in some form since it is already built out inside for a bar/restaurant. There is also space for lease across the alley from where George Hermans was, below Brevard Court Sundries that I heard was being occupied. The French Quarter restaurant continues to do their usual amount of business from what I can tell. For those that haven't taken a peek, its a rarity in Charlotte to have something that old (ha!) relatively untouched and set up for urban style retail. There are limitations to the site, age, parking, etc. but I thought it was worth a post to discuss the changes, especially since Eggheads will add another breakfast spot to Uptown (hope its good!).
  5. haha, it should speed up soon. The final concrete will be poured on the 51st floor as soon as the "handle" is secured and all supporting steel work is in place. They can't pour the last floor until all of the vertical steel on either side of the handle/building is in place because they are going to be pouring over the bottom of the beams ultimately. Once that is done the rest of the skin should go decently quick.
  6. Loved Braswell's, personally did not like Good Food on Montford at all. I feel like there is much more value at other restaurants in Charlotte for the same level of quality in the food and prices. Don't get me wrong, the food was good, no pun intended. However the service and small plate concept (price and execution of the small plate concept) was not good in my opinion. I'd rather go to Las Ramblas any day for tapas.
  7. Unfortunately not. I wish there was one too. There is a restaurant on the 27th floor of CLT plaza, and there's the City Club on the 31st and 32nd of the Interstate Tower for those that can find a way in with a member. The tower is not built for an observation deck as of right now. While I know it can be retrofitted, I find a hard time figuring out how they will do it. The elevators would have to be re-fitted to be secure access to all the business floors, the top 3 inhabitable floors have a large atrium that covers one side of all three, and the cost to staff an observation deck probably wouldn't break even after the first rush of people to check it out. This in conjunction with the knowledge that many systems in the building are simply being abandoned after install because of costs to operate them without true needs by Duke, I just don't see them shelling out the money to get a deck in there. Now, I hope I'm wrong.
  8. Yeah, as noted above, they are asking OUTRAGEOUS prices for the neighborhood. I am trying to remember the price of the one story building, I believe it was 1-2 million for the building, maybe even over 2 million, can't remember.
  9. A lot of the mechanical infrastructure is in place and functioning, including air conditioning and power systems in the server, generator, electrical control, and battery rooms. Unfortunately, a lot of the redundant systems will not be used by Duke, as they were planned for and necessary for Wachovia trading floor systems, which will no longer be there. (Trading floors are 140K sq ft total in the midrise). The mechanicals were fascinating though, just for the trading floors, they had to burn through several power and cooling systems before battery backups kicked in. Batteries can power the building at full load for enough time for the diesel pumps to kick on and pump diesel from sublevel tanks to the diesel generators. In other words, it was a very very very stable server and trading setup in the back of house. I think there is still about a year left in terms of the interior build out, especially now that the tenant mix has changed, and each will be using their own contractors typically. The pictures didn't do the executive floors view complete justice, those will be some truly great office backdrops. The data centers are really almost finished, they were loading the power systems down for tests when we walked through, stressing them on purpose before they give them the ok to prep the room for server move in. All the boxes in the server room pictures are all air conditioning and power systems, server towers will be installed between all of the current boxes. Also, the interior elevators are functioning and run to the 49th floor. (THANKFULLY, 51 stories yesterday would've been rough on all stairs) Certain parts of the building felt secure like an underground bunker. The mechanical areas are massive and complex. All of the tower systems are noticably quiet as well, including all exhaust and cooling towers, as they had to maintain residential noise standards because of the planned condo tower. The thought and care that went into planning the project is truly mind boggling. I am trying to think what else I can remember off the top of my head... that's it for now. One of the first comments when we stepped out onto the 51st floor below the handle was how many surface and bare lots there were, common thought between most people on this board, but it is painfully obvious from above, as I'm sure InitialD and friends can attest to from their aerial tour of Charlotte. I too wish the park and/or baseball stadium was there to help fill in 3rd ward. REASON FOR EDIT: Clean up some sentences.
  10. A cool slideshow/pictures with some unique views. All I had was a blackberry to take pictures with so I'm sorry about the quality, but I didn't have time to grab a camera. Please do not use these photos without my permission. Enjoy. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/...ith/3590506635/
  11. Between Alive and Prevue in the Highland Mill on North Davidson Street. Around the corner from Brook's Sandwich shop if anyone knows where that is, and if you don't, go there for a burger one day, cash only, hole in the wall, but delicious.
  12. I bet Fat City goes half rentals just like Catalyst did. The developer is going to be left holding a lot of these according to what a sales agent told me their sold number was last week. I just don't see them closing a couple units and then having the majority of the building sit vacant for sale. This developer must be needing money as several of their recent projects haven't come close to sold out.
  13. Either the BofA tower or I would imagine one of the buildings on Tryon Street that are freeing up space due to Wellschovia downsizing significantly and the office space shuffles they are doing. The Park condo shell is a disaster all around for anyone.
  14. I guess the lame window boxes are all the $32 million dollars in extras buys....
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