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  1. Awesome, thank you. Now, I'm not a photographer, any of you out there that routinely photograph the skyline have one you'd be willing to submit?
  2. Can we please make this the new picture on the Charlotte city forum page? our skyline is under-represented in the current photo due to the construction that has taken place over the past couple years. Also there are the new angles for photos that some of our board members have gotten the opportunity to shoot from that have really presented us with some great pictures. This is my favorite embodying those changes.
  3. I'd be shocked if that sales figure for Bloc 90 they mentioned in the Observer today in the Fat City article was accurate. I doubt they still have 18 under contract, given that absolutely nothing has taken place on that site for a year now. Also, I'd be pretty surprised if the weather hasn't warped or damaged some of the interior studs and/or subfloors. The developers who did Fat City Lofts also did Dilworth Lofts, more than several of which never sold. Hopefully these guys can do something with the rental conversion so that building doesn't fall into disrepair or sit empty forever. I'm
  4. Couldn't find a similar topic, if I missed it, please move it to the appropriate spot. Most people refer to this as the French Quarter downtown (where the French Quarter restaurant is located), but Brevard Court has had some retail shakeups lately. George Herman's closed mysteriously one Friday a couple nights ago, with the landlord repossessing the property that day. Dogwood Cafe closed for good a while ago and the Roly Poly sandwich shop that was there on Church street has also been gone for a while. In the space where Roly Poly once was is a new breakfast spot called Eggheads that
  5. Loved Braswell's, personally did not like Good Food on Montford at all. I feel like there is much more value at other restaurants in Charlotte for the same level of quality in the food and prices. Don't get me wrong, the food was good, no pun intended. However the service and small plate concept (price and execution of the small plate concept) was not good in my opinion. I'd rather go to Las Ramblas any day for tapas.
  6. Yeah, as noted above, they are asking OUTRAGEOUS prices for the neighborhood. I am trying to remember the price of the one story building, I believe it was 1-2 million for the building, maybe even over 2 million, can't remember.
  7. Between Alive and Prevue in the Highland Mill on North Davidson Street. Around the corner from Brook's Sandwich shop if anyone knows where that is, and if you don't, go there for a burger one day, cash only, hole in the wall, but delicious.
  8. I bet Fat City goes half rentals just like Catalyst did. The developer is going to be left holding a lot of these according to what a sales agent told me their sold number was last week. I just don't see them closing a couple units and then having the majority of the building sit vacant for sale. This developer must be needing money as several of their recent projects haven't come close to sold out.
  9. I guess the lame window boxes are all the $32 million dollars in extras buys....
  10. My girlfriend went with some friends this past weekend and really enjoyed it. Said its the same concept as Kaminsky's (Charleston) but laid back and definite Charlotte version of a lounge. Got high marks from her for atmosphere, "yummy looking desserts" and general non-CANS'ness. I plan to check it out soon.
  11. April 1st? Center City Partners is not cruel enough to pull a joke on everyone like that are they? Glad to hear this is happening!
  12. I am not currently an owner at the Quad. I was very close to becoming one and unfortunately had to back out due to multiple ongoing delays and a lack of communication from Centro Cityworks/Blvd Centro. It has been confirmed in multiple sources (CBJ, Observer, local real estate community) that it is now in fact all rentals. I have no idea what they will do for current owners, but I have heard rumors, as mentioned above, that Furman might buy back the condos that closed. I'm not sure what the legal ramifications are if he does or doesn't do this.
  13. Great suggestion... I forgot (gasp) about Ratcliffe. Its also in one of the few historic buildings left in central Charlotte.
  14. Agreed. The crosstown could be cut to 4 lanes, repaved and leveled, and a proper street and landscape put in with 6 lanes only at intersections for turn lanes and incoming merge lanes. (Much smaller scale, but in Charlotte they cut a street here named East Blvd from 4 lanes to 2 lanes on a stretch and it actually reduced traffic and congestion) I think the Crosstown could be a great feature of the cityscape in addition to the utility it is now. I'm only there (downtown) on some weekends and random week days right now when I get out of Charlotte for a couple days. Hopefully I'll be there
  15. Nikko's food is good and as mentioned, the space is impressive. Friday's are absolutely crazy (dressier clientele, packed, usually a live dj spinning) in there, so I STRONGLY suggest reservations so you aren't waiting around forever in the bar area. Nikko, in my personal opinion, is a much better dining atmosphere on non-weekend evenings. Nikko is a great place to start off the night on the weekends if you are going out for the night. Again, my personal experiences and opinions.
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