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  1. Thanks for creating this, I have not posted anything for a long time. I lived in Charlotte about 32 years, mostly in Commonwealth Park. Moved to Gastonia about seven years ago and it has been great. I have news and tidbits I will share mostly about downtown developments, which for years has dragged while other towns moved ahead but is now starting to grow.
  2. As a member of the "Native Charlottean" Facebook group, I cant attest that asthasr's comments are spot on. The conventional wisdom is that absolutely nothing positive since since 1990 has happened in Charlotte, inner city neighborhoods are unlivable, crime is rampant, etc.. I'm often amazed at the comments I read.
  3. I went to Europe recently and saw quite a few, in train stations, alleys. That is one reason many of the public restrooms require money or a code.
  4. The building at 1000 Central Ave. has more merit than it has been given here. The facade is original, and is rare by Charlotte standards for it's Art Deco Styling. It started out as a Colonial Grocery Store, and later became the Stone School Supply Building. Built in 1941, it does have some qualities, especially regarding materials, that I'm sure it's replacement won't have. But not to worry, it will be a heap soon enough.
  5. I check UrbanPlanet everyday several times, but I quit posting years ago. For the reason mentioned above.
  6. On another note, Whiskey will be opening a sandwich shop pretty soon down by the tracks on Central across from Thirsty Beaver.
  7. They actually ran Luxe, and this will be a concept that's a little more bar food related that some of the dinner entrees at Whiskey Warehouse.
  8. Actually, when you go back and look at the original presentation drawing, it had much more sparkle. It's tending to appear rather drab. But let's wait and see.
  9. I went there last night with the wife and really enjoyed the meal and the atmosphere. This was my third visit and each time the service and food has been great. Glad to have them in the hood.
  10. Agreed. Hope your feeling better Neo.
  11. Eastman

    The Vue

    The cranes appear to be active, does anyone know if the money issues got resolved?
  12. Agreed, the owners of this particular shopping center have been very good at keeping the tenant spaces full, and they have known of Walmart's intentions for sometime now.
  13. Very true. I believe there is a site plan out there, if someone has access please post. I think the main positive is the interest in the area for such a store, and it would seem that there is enough land for more retail much like what was developed at the other Super Walmart on the west side. I hope Harbor Freight is looking at Eastway for a relocation.
  14. It will not be much different than where single lanes each way have bus routes. They did this on West Morehead and it works better than I thought it would.
  15. This is exactly why I have always loved the area. You have multiple layers of different people interacting, they may be gay, straight, blue collar, white collar, poor or well off. I think Central pulls this off better than any other place in the city. Now granted it ain't the prettiest strip in town, but I believe it will improve.
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