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  1. Traffic experts argue for six-lane I-240 by Brian Sarzynski What do Pittsburgh, Portland, Santa Barbara, Vancouver and Brooklyn have in common? None of these large metropolitan areas has an eight-lane highway running through it. Traffic-engineering consultant Michael Moule reported this tidbit during the Asheville City Council's July 13 formal session. Moule is one of two consultants hired by the Southern Environmental Law Center to research and weigh in on the long-simmering debate over whether the planned expansion of Interstate 240 through West Asheville should have six lanes or eigh
  2. The French Broad River Metropolitan Planning Organization is waiting until September to make their final decision on the plans to widen I-240 in West Asheville to eight lanes. It gives everyone a chance to write in their opinion. Plus not enough members showed up for the meeting.
  3. Like I said, a lot of people will show up, but the DOT will build whatever they want. I wanted to watch the news tonight, but I was tired and slept through the 11 o'clock hour. I didn't attend the meeting, but wanted to. If I'm up, I may check the early morning news and see what they have to say. I see someone brought back the loop idea again. I think I'm starting to join the crowd that says, just build the thing. They are wasting taxpayer dollars on these meetings where they try to sell the public on their ideas only. It could be the only solution, but if it is just built it. I would like to
  4. Still, it needs to be broken down to figure how much to give to individual cities. I-85 in Gastonia doesn't need as much money or lanes as I-85 in the heart of Charlotte. Urbanized Area is the best way to measure city size. Just look how big counties like Wake in NC and Greenville County in SC are in land area. New Hannover is very small. Forsyth and Durham counties in NC are small. Urbanized Area is what meets state annexation requirements. On forums it is becoming the way to measure city size. The point I was trying to make is, Asheville is bigger than it looks. We don't annex like
  5. Results of the meeting from today's paper. It's tomorrow's meeting that should be fun to watch. Drivers can't wait for widening of I-40 section By Mark Barrett, Staff WriterJuly 12, 2004 10:46 p.m. ASHEVILLE - Work to widen a short stretch of Interstate 40 just west of Interstate 26 to alleviate congestion can't come soon enough for some people who drive it. "Cut the trees down and let's go with it," said Alexander resident Chuck Swiger. Traffic on I-40 is "murder," he said. About 100 people came to the Ramada Plaza Hotel Monday to look over state plans to widen I-40 from f
  6. I was thinking about Greenville's 6 lane highways when I first heard 8 lanes. It is a little extreme. Greenville has a larger urbanized area than Asheville too. I worry about losing houses in West Asheville. That is one of the coolest neighborhoods in the state (my opinion) and should be preserved, not demolished for highway projects. If Charlotte was in South Carolina, you would have 10-12 lane highways, but you wouldn't have the nice annexation laws NC cities enjoy. If Greenville was in North Carolina, it would have a population of 175,000 - 200,000 and more control over development. Char
  7. I think they (NC-DOT) will just build whatever they want. They seem to favor 8 lanes, even with lower projections and little support from the community. Still, everyone should attend the meetings. This was in today's paper... http://www.citizen-times.com/pdf/business/...interchange.pdf DOT still pushing for 8-lane I-240 By Mark Barrett Three possibilities for the future I-26/I-40/I-240 interchange ASHEVILLE - Alice P. Carmichael has lived in her home on Fayetteville Street since the 1950s, so long that she can remember when the 40-foot-tall red spruce that shades her front yard
  8. Yes, this again... Support for Six Lanes: Buncombe County Democratic Party I-26 Connector Awareness Group WNC Alliance. Support for Eight Lanes: The Council of Independent Business Owners Asheville Chamber of Commerce The Asheville Board of Realtors Attend Meetings: Monday July 12: The NCDOT will hold a public hearing from 4-7 p.m. at the Ramada Plaza Hotel on the proposed addition of lanes to I-40 west of I-26. Wednesday July 14: The NCDOT will host a meeting at 6 p.m. in A-B Tech's Ferguson Auditorium to discuss traffic projections and the agenc
  9. There are four state options and thousands of citizen options proposed to the state every time they have a meeting with the public. It's only 3 miles of 8 lane highway! I don't think we have any serious traffic problems, but we could 10 years from now, if population continues to grow and grow outward. I think our residential core has helped us, but this city still needs to work to get more people to live in the city limits and quit moving to the outer edges. Most people move to the mountains to get away from the city though, so I guess this is a problem that won't go away for us. At some point
  10. Out of all the possible solutions, this one will demolish the least number of existing structures. All the alternatives proposed, including by-passing downtown, will demolish a large number of homes and businesses. What's intresting is, the people proposing the alternatives want to save homes and businesses, or so they say. I think they just fear an 8 lane highway and the image they have of an 8 lane highway in their mind.
  11. I agree with the state that this 8 lane solution is the best. I don't want to see more demolishion of houses, a dangerous section of highway or traffic routed away from Downtown. This will also be a quicker solution, that doesn't tie up traffic and brings the I-26 signs past Asheville and into Tennessee. The new I-26 extension cannot be signed as I-26 until this connector is in place.
  12. The debate is still on. Do we need 6 or 8 lanes? I say build 8. Who wants these DOT guys back out here in another 10 years at a major intersection like this? By the time it's built, it will be out-dated. At least they are thinking foward for our community and not just trying to build something that works for current numbers or numbers on completion, like they do in so many other cities in this state. Shorter Article by John Boyle: The Interstate-26 Connector, which involves the proposed widening of 3.1 miles of Interstate-240 in West Asheville from four to eight lanes, dominated the discus
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