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  1. The new medical school's plans were quite impressive. I didn't know Carillion was really that serious about a medical college here. I think with the college, clinic, a new suite type Hotel is a necessity. I hope the deal with the City goes through with the Hotel but watch out for that kooky city council. Does anyone know what will happen to the old building that currently houses the Jefferson college of health science? I believe there was a rumor a few years ago that it will be torn down. I hope they will keep it for student housing.
  2. Roanoke has seen some major changes just in the last few years. Many folks who haven't been here in that time would probably notice the place isn't the same. It does have a new feel, maybe its due to a few new city council members, city manager or maybe its due to the fact so many of our neighboring cities haven't done so well. Whatever is happening, lets hope it continues!
  3. Its rather sad to see all of that potential here go to waste! The new Art Museum is a magnificient structure and it may spur some development downtown like new mixed-use developments. But from a practical reality lesson living in Roanoke, that will probably be all we will see there for many years to come. I think the locals like Roanoke to stay the same forever and I think that way of thinking is not good for business and its why so many of the young move away. But I guess in the end maybe too much change may not work for our City like it does for Charlotte for example. Maybe Roanoke's destin
  4. Roanoke could really use some of the creative energies of out of town developers. Our city at times seems so mired in the past our own local money folks don't want to fight the architectural review boards and other interests who are committed to keeping downtown the same. I can only hope with the construction of our bold new art museum more attention will be paid to downtown. A recent USA Today article highlighted the trend of the wealthy folks moving back to downtown from the suburbs to escape the ever-increasing problems of the 'burbs. If downtown Roanoke can attract people who will pay $1mi
  5. Although Roanoke is not as far along with downtown housing as neighboring cities, the possibilities for downtown are immense. Downtown Greensboro is putting up a high rise condo with balconies that overlook the downtown ball park. When I saw the sketch of the building I thought "What is there to see in Greensboro"? If something like that would be here what magnificient views!! There are so many northern transplants moving to NC who can afford upscale downtown housing, its a pity they don't look at downtown Roanoke. I have been impressed with our new city manager who is not "born and bred" her
  6. The JML lodge site would be ideal for high rise housing/hotel/park deck/office/retail. Think of the possibilities being next to the Park, Market and new Art Museum. Unfortuanately, reality exists that the government usually puts up boring buildings and with the lack of capital in Roanoke, very little gets built here.
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