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  1. I drive past the brand-new clock tower at the intersection of Morehead/Queens & King every day to and from work, and they have finally started filling in the clock faces. The structure has taken quite a while to be built (it has an incredibly sturdy steel frame - at 1st glance, it looked like they were erecting a tower crane, and then, I was hoping it would at least have some kind of water feature to it)! I was wondering if anyone else sees it as askew, especially from the vantage point of Queens/Morehead heading West? Is this art, and is it level?!!? Thanks!
  2. Sorry--I have been away from UP for several months. Yes, BofA is going next to the Just Fresh in Kenilworth Commons. I have seen electrical and engineering plans for the upfit. Great location. I had thought that Just Fresh was going to expand. Is that Harris Teeter ever going to take over its whole building's footprint?
  3. Please go to my new post under the title: "Randolph Road Projects in Elizabeth" if you have any ideas on this following question. This was the closest topic that I could find to what I'm looking for. Thanks!! Looks like there's a land assemblage being put together by "One Randolph Place, LLC" that's underway on Randolph Road bound South to Dotger, North to Laurel Ridge townhomes (except for one parcel), and as deep back as Vail Avenue (about 9 lots total). Does anyone have any additional info. on this? Zoning supports multi-family. I've got the info. on the owner (he also filed a "One Qu
  4. My "dress" comment (last comment I made on this thread) was a joke on the fact that it seems I'm in the minority here. The party was nice, the food was perfect (Ruth's Chris), & the atmosphere was even better. Everyone blended together so that I could be talking to one of the main guys heading up the project, or to a friend, or to a stranger, and there were no airs of superiority or seniority. I had no idea what kind of car people drove to the party...and it really didn't matter. We were all equals. These units will sell incredibly well.
  5. 20 Buyers to be exact The Valet parking will be nice...Glad to know that more than just my co-workers and beloved boyfriend will be attending. I'll be sporting THE dress The event for Southhaus will just have to wait until later tonight.
  6. Anyone going to Encore's big event/unveiling tonight @ their sales center? It should be incredibly informative. The parking/elevator concept is great (truly "luxury" as are the interior finishes), and I think that this product will sell well bc it fits a niche not found yet in all of Charlotte. Many condos are sitting that are affordable to the masses.
  7. There will be press releases soon, and yes, Crosland is involved. They are handling sales (and more, I am sure) along-side Developer Services Division of a local residential real estate firm. The sales center will be located in the shopping center adjacent to the site where Edible Art is/was.
  8. You liked it, though Let me clarify: One major opposition (besides the roof lines, building materials, mass, and modern design) to the condo plans was that the front stoops were not staggered. The historic apartment buildings have flat fronts, do not have staggered stoops nor doorways, and do not have much ("Dilworth-like") character nor charm. Much of the opposition, then, was ironic given that the historic apartments, if built TODAY, would not likely have passed through the HC. It is all so subjective.
  9. I was at that Historic Commission meeting about a month ago, and they presented their plans for yet another go-around...They wanted to get the plans passed before going through the rezoning to save the headache of doing it in reverse and it not getting passed. Furman had submitted plans for 1-2 condo buildings with flat parking and to preserve 2 houses and the historic apartments right on the corner--a fabulous idea. The HC voted the plans down several times, and I think that this last attempt was enough for Furman to give up that idea (it was almost 50/50...people on the HC did not like the
  10. ...and some of you doubted me The residential component may or may not stay depending on market conditions. Steve Harris has been around long enough to know what he's doing and to do it well.
  11. Actually, a rezoning petition has been submitted for the property, and I promise you that no tacos will be sold there.
  12. It should...it's definitely a step in the right direction, and with the revitalizations occurring everywhere around the 277 beltloop, it's bound to encourage developers N, S, E, & W of the loop.
  13. Myrtle

    The Vue

    It was my understanding a month or 2 ago that the hold-up might also have been because the developers use the same concrete forms to build the structural components as they do in all of their "Vue" portfolios & that since the one in Orlando is not finished, the forms have not physically gotten to Charlotte. ???
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