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  1. 2inthepink, Land Use Plans are and always have been recommendations for how planners envision an area could develop. They are based on conditions that exist as of the date the plans are written. As we all know, market conditions change. One other thing to note on page 35 of the plan...the setback from the centerline of the light rail line is 35'. It looks like you are going to lose this battle, pinkie!!
  2. I would like to see the pink building torn down.
  3. Those people are just bitter. They are going to protest anything the developer proposes. And Jim Gross is a complete hypocrite.
  4. I hear the folks in the big pink decided they didn't want to meet with the developer.
  5. Council is really looking for density and a mixture of uses on this site. They are looking for the type of development that will get people out of their cars and on the train. Given the proximity to the light rail station and Uptown, this is the most logical site to approve additional height.
  6. At no point in time has a court ruled that zoning offers protection of views. 2inthepink, you need to quit complaining and try to work with the developers. You have no leg to stand on saying that your view should never be blocked. No ordinance in Charlotte has ever been adopted saying that height outside of Uptown will never exceed 120'. Simply put, you are wrong.
  7. 2inthepink...I cannot think of a better site in South End for several high-rise buildings than on the Simpson site. Also, you might want to refer to the Zoning Ordinance section 9.1212 for clarification as to how council can change the zoning to allow for additional height. Sorry 2inthepink, you are probably going to lose all of your view.
  8. oleander

    The Vue

    My understanding of tunnel form, which is not much, is that the increase in cost is partly if not mostly due to the cost of the forms, but that this cost is offset by the lower carry cost resulting from the fast paced construction associated with the repetitive nature of the building system. Also, seeing as the developer uses the same forms for each project, he/she would not have to pay for the manufacturing of the forms again. So I'm not sure overall cost is a reason for them not to build with tunnelform. Thoughts?
  9. oleander

    The Vue

    Why have they decided not to use tunnel form? I think that would be the most efficient way to build that type of product.
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