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  1. Which buildings around M'Boro deserve a facelift the most? My vote is for the motel on Broad Street near downtown...the name escapes me. I know it provides a service for people needing a place to stay at a cheap rate...but does it have to look SOOO run-down? Is there some kind of grant the city can provide to help these places "spruce up" their facades or something? Which buildings or businesses would you like to see renovated?
  2. Am I correct that this project is now D.O.A.? From the Murfreesboro Post article yesterday: Eventually, the proposed $175 million-200 million, 282-acre biblically themed park in Blackman Community was voted down in a 12-9 vote for approval, which fell two votes short of the 14 needed.
  3. Hi All! Does anyone know what happens to homes that are currently on parcels of land bought by developers to be turned into retail shops/apartments? The reason I ask is that there are 2 or 3 houses on South Church street that appear to have been sold by the owners to the developers on a planned strip-mall type retail development across from Kroger (the signs just popped up 2 days ago). I'm wondering if the houses will be demolished or moved before construction starts? One is a very historic-looking pale yellow house with beautiful architectural trimwork, and I would just HATE to see i
  4. What makes the Avenue an "upscale" development is pretty simple, really - a combination of higher-end stores similar to what one would find in Cool Springs or Green Hills, a great selection of restaurants, fantastic architecture and signage, and extensive landscaping - As opposed to what feels like a decidedly low-budget attempt at a "Holy Land Experience" type theme-park (which is reportedly struggling to survive, even in tourist-mecca Orlando.) I just don't see how the two quite mesh in comparison.
  5. My husband and I visited the new Best Buy yesterday. Although they didn't have a big selection of what we were looking for (office chair/furniture), it really had a tremendous selection of everything electronical you could ever want - something Murfreesboro was in desperate need of. We were amazed at just how gorgeous this new area is turning out, as we normally only see the view of it from I-24. It really seems like the planning and care put into making the Avenues feel upscale comes across very well, when it is completed, this will be one massive draw for Murfreesboro. I rea
  6. The more I research Bible Park USA, the less I like the idea. If there is any corellation with the quality and care put into creating the website(have you seen it? Yikes. ) and the quality of the development of the park, I'm a little disturbed. I agree that it also does not seem to fit with the upscale Avenues development.
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