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  1. well it is a very small NM so it should be doing very well i mean they dont have that big of a selection over there
  2. puma just opened last friday ralph lauren is scheduled for oct 27 tru relegion is scheduled for spet 28 and calvin klien is alo set to open for oct 27 just some updates
  3. i dont know how to put the pics on here but i have them waiting to be put on here someone please show me how thanks
  4. here are a few pics of signs that are up pictures are kinda blurry but its pics all all the tenants that are new well i have pics but idont know how too post them can someone tell ,me how too there pics of the new wing
  5. well lush has already open also and yes i believe that true relegion is scheduled to open next all the rest will open in october and i am sure i can get pics because i work for zara so ill try to get you guys some pics of the new wing
  6. well the sign is up now in the mall so i am prettysure soon i mean diesal and someof the others signs are up too zara opens up this friday and also if you go to atlantic station website H&M has now coming soon on the webiste
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