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  1. But, I still don't see the difference. Unless I missed something, the only difference between the CBE and green 40 is that green 40 was downgraded (by whom, NCDOT or AASHTO?) and CBE was not (apparently the same for many other substandard interstates). This is patently unfair to W-S, which needs interstates to be economically viable. It doesn't matter about the history of development of the greens in the West, they are different, and so greens like former I 40 in W-S should not be designated green. Again, this is patently unfair for CBE to remain an interstate, and former I 40 in W-S to be downgrade especially since ostensibly it's not possible to fix CBE because of the infrastructure. So, if it's not possible for that reason, then CBE and all of the others nationwide should be downgraded as well. My question is who does the downgrading, the relevant DOT or AASHTO? If the DOT, then shame shame on NCDOT for not knowing what greens really look like. It should be AASHTO, or why do they even exist? In short, if nothing can be done about this injustice, and that is the correct word to use here, then there should be a new category of Interstates established by AASHTO because green 40 in W-S and green 85 in Greesnboro are definitely not green (although green 85 in High Point does fit the definition - more so anyway). I suggest a new category, possibly Interstate Secondary or Alternate (not Business as that's green - Connector, Loop, a Spur can't be used because that's the terms for the 3-digit Interstates), and the color should be blue although that might be too close to the green color; orange is not good because that indicates construction or of a temporary nature; not brown as that designates historical; maybe white and blue only.

    Good Point!

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