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  1. The signs in the windows say they have relocated to Appalachian Outfitters on Orchard Park Drive. I think that there is an ownership connection between the two.
  2. Jimmy John's at McBee Ave & Spring St is reopening this Wednesday – don’t know any time of day details. Looks like new management with new owner.
  3. FAN-TASTIC News! Where do I sing up for season tickets!
  4. I hesitate to enter this discussion and am certain that this is off-topic but the moderator seems to be letting this discussion stand so
  5. Circuit City declared Ch 11 bankruptcy this morning. At least it's reorganization and seems to be related to cash/credit problems. Maybe they can find a way out. Hopefully for the time being the local stores will remain open. None were on the earlier published list for closing. http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20081110/bs_nm/us_circuitcity_5
  6. I see from Wikipedia that the downtown Greenville location is (was ) the highest grossing of the Port City Javas.
  7. Just saw this article on Market Watch. http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/Port...B3A94015A4DE%7D It would appear from this that the problem is not with corporate but is more with the local franchise.
  8. Already Opened: The Joint - Chiropractic A Dry Cleaner (forgot the name but its in the space beside Publix)
  9. Here's the new link: http://www.greenvilleonline.com/apps/pbcs....INESS/309120003
  10. Haven't seen anyone report this. Walked by Munchies last night and they were carrying out the candy racks. The store was pretty well gutted out. Spill the Beans is fully moved to their new location. We stopped in... it looks great! ... tastes good too! They should do very well here.
  11. Yes... no more activity. They were there for about a week. Since they left the site has been quiet.
  12. I've seen some CWA Waste Corporation trucks there. I assume it's some environmental or maintenance issue. They seem to be working in the covered basement. There has been some work on one of the outside stair wells - hand brushing with some kind of wash then spackling with a concrete mix (or so it looks).
  13. The crane is completely down. They started yesterday a little before 7 a.m. and finished up about 9:30 last night.
  14. All activity on the site now (and there seems to be quite a bit) is directed toward cleanup and shut down. Subcontractors removing materials and supplies; GC's trailor is on the way out; crane de-construction team is here... They started the dismanteling of the crane yesterday (minor prep work) and the crane they will use to take it down came in late yesterday afternoon.
  15. Yesterday we got a "Notification of Public Hearing" scheduled for Monday, May 12th. This will be to hear comments regarding a request for the "abandonment of a portion of the public right-of-way located at the southwesterly corner of East McBee Avenue and Falls Street to accomoodate an outdoor dining area for the Peacock Hotel." I would think they would have gotten this before they started but in any case it appears to be a sign that they plan to proceed - of course, not any indication of when. Activity on the site yesterday seemed to be a thorough clean-up (picking up light trash, etc)
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